Opportunity Quitters


Matthew 26:16 “And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.”

It is hard to imagine why anyone who walked with Christ for three years would look for a reason to quit on Him and deny Him, but Judas did. Judas saw every miracle that the rest of the disciples saw, but he sought for an opportunity to quit and deny Christ. Judas heard every truth that Jesus preached and taught, but yet he looked for the opportunity to betray the source of all truth. Judas experienced what it was like to have someone love you with true love because nobody can love like Jesus loves, and yet he sought an opportunity to quit on the one who loved him.

Judas is what I would call an opportunity quitter. He was only going to walk with Christ as long as it benefited him, but the moment that walking with Christ no longer benefited him, he was going to quit. Judas found that the world’s opportunities seemed to benefit him more than walking with Christ, and that is why he became an opportunity quitter. Sadly, just like Judas, there are many opportunity quitters in life. Let me share a few observations about being an opportunity quitter.

First, if you’re looking for a reason to quit, you will always find that reason. It is not hard to find a reason to quit on your church if you are looking for a reason. There is something in every church that can give you a good reason to quit on your church. There is always a good reason to quit on your marriage if you are looking for that reason. Likewise, there will always be a good reason to quit on Christ if you are looking for a reason. Opportunity quitters can easily find their “valid” excuse for quitting something because opportunities to quit arise every day. The fact that you are looking for an opportunity to quit is what is very sad.

Second, if you are only going to serve Christ as long as it benefits you, you will find the opportunity to quit. Serving Christ won’t always be easy. In fact, there will be times when serving Christ doesn't benefit you at all, but you shouldn’t be serving Christ because of how it benefits you, but because it is the right thing to do. Too many people are self-benefit seekers, and if whatever they are doing doesn't benefit them, they quickly jump to something else. You are robbing yourself of the joy that comes from longevity if you quickly quit on things every time they don't benefit you.

Third, if you serve Christ as long as it doesn’t conflict with the opportunities of the world, you will always have a reason to quit. The world and Christ are always at odds with each other. You cannot be in agreement with the world and Christ at the same time because they are never in agreement. The world will always have opportunities that will pull you away from serving God, but you must choose not to be an opportunity quitter. There will be offers to make money that will pull you away from serving God, and opportunity quitters will accept that offer. There will be opportunities to rise in power, become “successful” in the world’s eyes, and enjoy the pleasures of life more freely if you quit on God, and an opportunity quitter will accept these offers.

My friend, just because you have found an opportunity to quit does it mean that the opportunity is right. Stop looking for reasons to quit and look for reasons to continue. The believer who will make the greatest impact on others is the believer who deliberately chooses to serve Christ no matter what opportunity comes their way.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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