Originalist Christianity

Acts 2:42
“And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

One of the ways to keep something pure is to do things how they were originally supposed to be done. Oftentimes a person will reinstall the running system of a computer to get their computer to run as it was originally supposed to run. The justices of the Supreme Court who make rulings based on the Constitution are called originalist because they are trying to base their decisions off the original intent of the founders of our nation. Likewise, if Christians are going to live an originalist Christianity, they must go to the Book of Acts and see how the early church served the LORD and do the same thing. I find in this chapter several things that originalist Christians will do.

First, originalist Christianity continues in truth. The early church was not trying to find new ways to do things, but they “continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine.” You will only be an originalist Christian if you spend time in God’s Word learning what you are to believe so that you can put it into practice in your daily life. You will never be an originalist without studying the Word of God.

Second originalist Christianity prays. The early church continued “in prayers.” You will have a difficult time keeping a heart for the LORD if you don’t walk with Him daily in prayer. It is time spent in prayer that knits your heart to God’s so that you have the confidence to give Him all your requests.

Third, originalist Christianity has a fear of God. Verse 43 says that “fear came upon every soul.” Originalist Christianity has a respect of what God will do if they disobey Him, but they will also understand what that same power can do through them if they yield to Him. The fear of God is not running in terror because you are afraid God is going to hurt you, but it is a respect of Who God is and what He can do to you and through you.

Fourth, originalist Christianity cares for each other. In verse 44-45, you see how the early church helped each other. In other words, they were selfless Christians. Originalist Christianity isn’t concerned with what others do for them, but it is concerned with how they can help others. Originalist Christianity has a servant’s mindset that lives to serve others.

Fifth, originalist Christianity is unified in service. The greatest Christianity is the Christianity that realizes the church can get more done as a team than it can when each Christian is out for themselves. This comes from having a unified vision of what you are trying to accomplish, and that should be to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

Sixth, originalist Christianity has a glad spirit. The early church had “gladness…of heart.” The world needs to see Christians who are happy about serving the LORD instead of griping about everything going on in the church. You will find that doing things God’s way always results in a heart filled with gladness.

Seventh, originalist Christianity gives praise to God. You will never be an originalist if you are serving the LORD for the accolades of men. Originalist Christianity is quick to give God the praise for everything done. Living the Christian life in the original manner that God intended always results in God’s great works and Christians praising the LORD.

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