Overcoming Accusation


Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Satan is the greatest accuser of all time. Verse 10 calls Satan the “accuser of the brethren.” What Satan accuses the brethren of is not always false. In fact, it is likely that what he accused the brethren of doing was true; however, the brethren didn't let his accusation stop them, but they overcame him. These who were accused determined not to let the accusation be the last thing said about them, so they found the way to overcome Satan’s accusation, and they won.

What is sad is that there are many believers who have followed Satan by being accusers of the brethren. Now, I would much rather follow Christ in restoring the brethren than to follow Satan and be an accuser of the brethren. The Christian life is so vital to reaching the lost that accusing the brethren should not be a part of our lives. The fact that you accuse a believer in Christ is not difficult because every believer is a sinner, and the one accusing the fellow believer is just as guilty of sin, so why don't they expose their own sin? If you serve God long enough, you are going to face accusations. Whether the accusation is true or not, you must overcome it for the sake of souls. Let me share some actions to overcome accusations.

First, expect accusations to come. If you are doing anything for God, you will find people will accuse you. Satan is not going after the believer who is doing nothing, but he is going after the believer who is doing something for God. However, you shouldn’t run and hide just because an accusation has come; you knew that accusation was going to come, so you must continue to do right.

Second, you will not overcome accusations immediately. It takes time to overcome accusations because, sadly, many believe the initial accusation. Now, it does not matter if the accusation is true or not; you can overcome it in time.

Third, you overcome accusation through the blood of Christ. In other words, you are guilty, but because you are saved means that you are supposed to be an overcomer. God knew that you were a sinner when He saved you, but that didn't stop Him from wanting to use you. So, you fell; your sins are still under the blood of Christ. You don't have to get saved again because your sin were already paid for. Likewise, you must not lay in your sin because it has already been paid. When accusation comes, you must get up from the accusation, whether or not it is true, and realize that all your sins were paid for at Calvary; therefore, you don't have to quit just because accusation has come.

Fourth, you overcome accusation through your testimony. You may be guilty of the accusation, but you don't have to let that be the last story of your life. Rebuild your testimony by doing right. If you don't quit, you can rebuild your testimony despite what others have accused you of, even if it is true. Stop letting the accusation define you and start rebuilding your testimony by living for Christ and let that define you.

Fifth, you overcome accusation by being all-in for Christ. Your works will eventually justify you if you don’t quit. If you will produce works for Christ, your works will eventually silence the accusers and make them look foolish; therefore, don't quit!

Dr. Allen Domelle

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