Peace in an Upside Down World


Psalm 147:14 “He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat.”

One of the great tragedies of many people is that they don't move on from tragedy, and because of this, they never find the peace that God wants to give them. The psalmist said, “He maketh peace in thy borders…” The psalmist found out that if he stayed put where what was hindering his life from having peace, that he would find the peace that the LORD wanted to give him. The verse above teaches the believer where they can find peace when life has been turned upside down. Let me share several thoughts about dealing with your life when your world has been turned upside down.

First, God knows what you have gone through. Nobody is condemning you for hurting when your world has been turned upside down, but you must not let your upside down world become your identity to sulk. The fact that God maketh peace in your borders means that He knows what you have gone through. You may think that nobody understands your situation, and that is true if you are looking for sympathy on earth, but God knows. The fact that God knows what you have gone through shows that He cares for you and what happens in your life.

Second, peace is never be found by wallowing in your distress. You will never find peace in life by wallowing in that which has turned your world upside down. There is nothing wrong with grieving or trying to get your senses in order from the shock of the upside down world, but you must not wallow in it if you want to find peace. Stop whining about what you are going through and get up. Getting up from your upside down world is the first step to turning your upside down world around.

Third, peace is only found in the LORD. Notice the first word in the phrase, “He maketh peace…” This did not say that pouting, drugs, alcohol, or sulking maketh peace, but God is the answer to you getting through your upside down world. You cannot turn your world right side up; only God can do that. Stop looking to other people or vices to turn your upside down world around, but look only to the One who has the power to make your world, and that One is the LORD.

Fourth, peace is never found by running. Notice that peace is found “in thy borders.” Too many people want to run from their problems and what has turned their world upside down. You can run from whatever has turned your world upside down, but you will find that your problems will be waiting for you when you get to your chosen destination. Your problem is not what has turned your world upside down; your problem is YOU! You are not finding peace because you are focused on yourself. You can run from what has turned your world upside down, but you will find that wherever you go, you still have not dealt with the cause of your lack of peace, and that is that you are not trusting God.

Fifth, peace comes gradually. The verse above says that God “maketh” peace. The word “maketh” is a gradual process. God cannot grow you if He immediately gives you peace. You want immediate peace, but God knows that you cannot correct your problems and grow in Him if He gives you your immediate peace. God is trying to help you reach your potential, so if you accept what has happened in your life and trust the LORD, He will turn your upside down world into the greatest potential to help others.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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