Persuasive Voices

Isaiah 36:18
“Beware lest Hezekiah persuade you, saying, The LORD will deliver us. Hath any of the gods of the nations delivered his land out of the hand of the king of Assyria?”

One of the major areas that believers must be careful about is the voices they allow in their lives. Believers often start going astray from the will of God when they allow another voice into their life. Often, these voices they allow into their lives are persuasive voices, and what they say sounds logical, but what they say is not right. Eve allowed another voice in her life that was a persuasive voice, and what that voice said sounded good, but that voice was the voice of Satan. Just because a voice in your life sounds persuasive and what they say sounds good doesn’t make that voice a voice to which you should listen.

Judah had another voice that came into their lives, and that was the voice of the servant of Assyria that was trying to get them to leave the way of worshipping God the way that the Scriptures taught them. The voice was very persuasive in his argument, but his argument was filled with humanistic thinking. Fortunately, God’s people listened to Hezekiah and didn’t respond to the voice that was trying to get them to leave the ways of God.

Persuasive voices have a pull on your heart because of what they say, but you can always tell that a persuasive voice is wrong when it tries to get you not to listen to your authorities, or to do something that contradicts God’s Word. You must have a proper response to persuasive voice if you are going to keep these voices from swaying you away from doing right. Let me share with you what your response should be.

First, you don’t have to answer persuasive voices. The people were wise to listen to Hezekiah’s command and not answer this voice. Just because a voice is talking doesn’t mean you owe them a response. The best response to voices that try to pull you away from doing right is no response. The best action to do when voices try to pull you away from God is to continue doing what you were already doing for God.

Second,  don’t be afraid of what the persuasive voices say. Isaiah told Hezekiah, “Be not afraid of the words.” You can always tell that voices are wrong when they try to defeat faith living with doubtful thoughts. Never let the words of doubt pull you away from the decisions of faith you have made. Never let fearful words cause you to undo in doubt the decisions you have made by faith.

Third, be faithful to the house of God. “Hezekiah went up unto the house of the LORD” when these voices tried to get him to fear. You will find the encouragement to continue to do right when you go to church and listen to the preaching of God’s Word. One of the reasons you need to be faithful to church is so that you can receive the encouragement to silence the voices of fear and doubt that are trying to get you to quit serving the LORD.

Fourth, go to God in prayer when persuasive voices try to lure you away from God. Hezekiah prayed when they tried to get him to yield to their words of fear. Praying is always the action that gives courage when Satan sends voices to sow fear in the heart of the believer. You will always find the strength you need to silence persuasive voices by spending time with God in prayer. My friend, you can silence the deceiving and persuasive voices in your life if you will spend much time with God in prayer.

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