Position of Service

Numbers 4:4
“This shall be the service of the sons of Kohath in the tabernacle of the congregation, about the most holy things:”

Who is Kohath? Not much is known about this man whom God gave great responsibility to his children in the caring of the most holy vessels of the tabernacle. All we know about Kohath is that he was the second of three sons of Levi. The Scriptures teach us that he lived to be one hundred and thirty-three years of age, but this is all we know about this man. Yet, as Kohath is not a well-known man, God still had a part for him to serve.

Many times in the Christian life people become discouraged because of how they perceive their importance in the work of the LORD. One thing that is very evident in the Scriptures is that all people and positions of service are important to our Saviour. The sons of Kohath teach us several principles that every Christian must learn to help the work of the LORD to run efficiently.

First, God always has a place for you. You may not be a well-known person, but God has a place for you. You may think you don’t have much to offer, but God still has a place for you in His service. God would have never placed you on Earth if He didn’t have a purpose for you in His service. You must never let the Devil deceive you into thinking that you are of no importance in the work of the LORD.

Second, service is the key attitude you must embrace for God to use you. The key phrase in the verse above is, “This shall be the service…” You will notice that God didn’t say, “This shall be the position…” God is not as interested in position as He is in service. You will never be used to the extent God wants to use you if you are more interested in position than service. Service attitude always contributes; whereas, position attitude causes division. You need to be sure that your attitude is one that desires to serve and do away with the attitude which seeks position.

Third, your job is as important as the “big” job. Don’t ever fall into the trap of belittling a job in the work of the LORD. The position of service that the sons of Kohath had was important to the blessings of the LORD continuing on Israel. Likewise, your job, no matter how big or small you may think it may be, is important to God blessing His church where you serve. Only people of pride make certain jobs in the church big or small. God never says which job in the church is of more importance because all positions of service are big to the LORD. When you make certain jobs in the church bigger than another, you are setting yourself up for division and strife. The best way to keep peace in the work of the LORD is to make big of every position of service.

Fourth, be the best at whatever your job is for the LORD. It is interesting that the LORD didn’t want any of the sons of Kohath under the age of thirty caring for the most holy vessels. God wanted people who were mature and knowledgeable in service. Though God never puts an age on service in His work, you can learn from this illustration that the LORD wants you to be the best at whatever you do. If you are the janitor, be the best janitor. If you are the usher, be the best usher. No matter what your position of service for the LORD may be, be the best at what you do. It is everyone doing their best in their place of service that helps the LORD’s work to change lives and influence communities.

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