Poverty’s Path

Proverbs 24:34
“So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.”

Society is always trying to deal with poverty issue. It is heart-wrenching to see people live in poverty when they could do something about it. I am not at all teaching that you can get rich, but many who live in poverty could dig themselves out of their situation if they worked hard at it. The verse above shows that poverty has a path that one travels. Let me share with you seven things that God shows in this chapter that leads to poverty’s path.

First, not caring for the little things leads to poverty’s path. Verse 33 says, “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:” The little things of life will often eat away at your finances. Spending a little here and there often leads to lack of finances. Likewise, it is not caring for the little things that lead to businesses losing customers, churches losing members, and organizations closing down. All the little things ignored lead to the big dilemmas that often destroy people and organizations. Caring for the little things often helps you to avoid the bigger problems.

Second, allowing “tired” to control action leads to poverty’s path. In the verse above, it was the “little sleep” that led to poverty. You will find that responsibilities will always be neglected when you are always too tired to tend to your responsibilities.

Third, a careless attitude leads to poverty’s path. The “little” mentality was a careless mentality. You cannot be indifferent about anything in life. Too many people only take care of what they feel is important when everything you do should be important.

Fourth, poverty’s path is covered with excuses. Verse 33 shows a person who always had an excuse as to why they couldn’t do something. You will always find excuses not to do what you are supposed to do, but the person who wants to avoid poverty’s path will never accept any excuse for doing what they are supposed to do or doing what they can do.

Fifth, degrees of importance leads to poverty’s path. Everything should be important. If it isn’t important, then you shouldn’t do it. My mother used to tell me, “If it is worth doing, do it right the first time.” My mother never allowed me to treat some things as important and others as unimportant. To my mother, everything that I was supposed to do was important. Never acquire the mindset that some things in life are important, and others are not. My friend, poverty’s path is filled with people, churches and failed organizations that didn’t treat little things as important.

Sixth, procrastination leads to poverty’s paths. Verse 31 says that the field was “all grown over with thorns.” If the first thorn were pulled, there would have never been a second thorn to grow. Putting things off always leads to those things becoming greater to the point that they will overtake you. Always take care of something when you first see it, and you will never see it grow to the point that it overtakes you.

Seventh, lack of a desire for improvement leads to poverty’s path. Verse 30 shows that the slothful is “void of understanding.” You can leave poverty’s path if you have a desire to find a way to get out of it. You may not become rich, but you can dig your way out of poverty if you have an intense desire to work your way out of your situation.

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