Pray for Us


1 Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Of all that the Apostle Paul could have asked this church to do, he asked for one thing; that they would pray for him. He could have easily asked for financial support, but he understood that the power of prayer could supply far more than their financial support. It is not that financial support is wrong because it is not, but the need for these people to pray for him as he did the work of God was greater than any other need that he had in his life.

Moreover, the plea for these people to pray for him was more than a request, but a mandate for them to take the time to pray for him. You can see the urgent need of the Apostle to ask these people to pray for him. In fact, it was so urgent that he requested of them to pray for him again in 2 Thessalonians 3:1.

The need for God’s people to pray for others is great. If God didn’t think it was necessary for us to pray for others, He would have never had Paul mention it twice to one church. There is a great need for you to pray for others. One of the great ministries that EVERY believer can be involved with is the ministry of fervently praying for others. Let me share several thoughts about the importance of praying for others.

First, praying for others is a great way to defeat selfishness and self-centeredness. It is interesting the soul winning and praying for others are the two actions believers can do to defeat selfishness because these are the two hardest things for a believer to do. Maybe the reason it is so hard to do is because you are battling your flesh when you pray for others and go soul winning. Praying for others and soul winning is your greatest weapon to defeating selfishness in your life.

Second, praying for someone is more than mere words, but it is stopping and taking the time to pray for them. Don't just tell someone you are praying for them, but do it. Yes, you should pray for them immediately, but you should also pray for them when they are not in your presence. What better way to care for people than to pray for them when you get no accolades because they see you praying for them.

Third, someone needs you to pray for them today. Will you take the time to pray for them or will you go on your selfish way and forget to pray for them? There are many things you can do for others, but the greatest thing you can do for them other than sharing the Gospel with them is to pray for them. You can give people money to get them out of a financial situation, but that pales in comparison to your prayers for them. Someone is going through trials today that your prayers could help them if you would just take the time to pray. Someone is considering quitting, but they would continue if you would pray for them. Someone is becoming weary in well doing, but they could be encouraged if you would pray for them. Someone is battling sickness, but your prayers for them could be the very prayers that brings healing to their body. Don't be so selfish that the only one you pray for is yourself. Someone you know needs you to pray for them today.

My friend, you are partaking of God’s work in others when you pray for them. When you pray for missionaries, pastors, or any believer who is doing a work for God, you will also receive rewards for what God is doing through them. Let me challenge you to stop and pray for someone every day.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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