Praying as a Friend

Exodus 33:11
“And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.”

One reason many people don’t pray is because they think they don’t know how to pray. We hear the prayers of saints and think that our prayers cannot attain to their level of praying; however, the verse above shows that God wants to speak to you. You will never hear God speak to you until you spend time with Him in prayer. The verse above gives several lessons on prayer that will help you as you pray.

First, know to whom you are talking. Moses knew that he was speaking to the LORD. Many times we get so caught up in a list that we have written down that we are praying more to a list more than we are talking to the LORD. Prayer is talking to the LORD. The next verse says, “And Moses said unto the LORD…” When you pray, always realize that you are talking to the LORD. You may have a list of things you need to bring to the LORD, but remember the purpose of the list is to simply remind you of what to say when you talk to Him.

Second, God is there even if you don’t think He is there. Moses certainly knew that something was different about this time with the LORD because of the cloud that had rested upon the tabernacle; however, most of the times you pray there will be no cloud experience for you. Certainly, there are times when you leave the prayer closet that you know you have been in the presence of the LORD, but most of the time you will feel as if nothing is happening. My friend, don’t ever think God is not present when you pray. Some of the greatest prayers I have had answered in my life came from times when it seemed God wasn’t listening. Christian, you don’t have to feel God for Him to hear you. Rest in His promise that He hears the prayers of His children.

Third, speak to God as a friend. The LORD spoke to Moses “face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” Many Christians wonder how they should talk to God. Talk to Him as you would talk to anyone else. Stop trying to impress God with the eloquence of words and simply talk to Him. God already knows how you talk. You don’t need to impress God for Him to answer your prayers. God will be more interested in answering your prayer if you speak to Him as a friend.

Fourth, don’t let the actions of others affect your prayers. When Moses “turned again into the camp,” Joshua stayed and kept talking to the LORD. Though Moses was in no way trying to discourage Joshua, there are times when you will find others discouraging you in your prayer life. Don’t let what others say about your prayers affect how you pray to the LORD. Just because they don’t have the faith to continue praying doesn’t mean you should stop praying.

Fifth, depart not; keep praying until you get the answer. The verse above said about Joshua that he “departed not out of the tabernacle.” Whatever you do, keep praying until the answer comes. God never said how long you had to pray before you get the answer, but He wants you to continue to pray until you get it. Many people quit praying just before the answer comes. You may have prayed for something for many years; let me encourage you to keep praying. Some prayers are answered in a timely fashion, but other prayers depend on your faithfulness to continue praying to get the answer. Whichever your situation is, just keep praying.

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