Preaching at Central Baptist in Mt. Vernon, KY

This morning I preached at the Central Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, Kentucky. Pastor Mark Eaton grew up in Mount Vernon, and God called him to pastor this great church in his hometown. It was exciting to see the LORD work this morning in the services and to see the people respond to the preaching at the invitation. Tonight we are looking for an even greater crowd as they will have a Sunday school service for the bus kids at 5pm.

What is exciting about Pastor Eaton is his vision for what the LORD can do through this small town church. Bro. Eaton did not let the small town scare him away from God’s will, and he is doing a great work here. It is the small town churches that are making a great influence for Christ in this country. When many would rather choose growth paths instead of the old paths, there are men of God like Pastor Eaton all over this country in small towns who are still standing for truth.

Please continue to pray for this meeting as we continue through Tuesday night, that the LORD will work in the hearts of individuals.

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