Preparing Your Heart for the LORD


Proverbs 16:1 “The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.”

Preparation is always the key for God to do great works. You cannot expect God to do something great through your church services if your services are not prepared. You cannot expect God to do something great through your prayer life if you don't prepare your time to pray. You cannot expect God to do something mighty in your ministry if you run a half-baked program every week. There must be a time of preparation before God ever does anything great.

Likewise, if you want God to do something mighty in your life, you will have to prepare your heart for the LORD to do something mighty through you. Preparing your heart is critical to the LORD doing something mighty through you. So, how can you prepare your heart for the LORD to do something mighty through you?

First, keep your ways right. Your ways are more about your direction than it is your position. Your ways are the direction to which your works and life are pointed. Verse 2 shows the importance of your ways not being your ways, but your ways being the ways that God would want. If your ways of life are directionally pointed towards the world, it won't matter if you are positionally right at the time because your direction will result in compromise. If you want to avoid compromise, keep your life directionally pointed towards the LORD.

Second, keep your spirit right. Verse 2 says that “the LORD weigheth the spirits.” Your attitude does matter to the LORD. Your attitude does matter to the ability of how much the LORD can do through you. If you have a bad or negative spirit, it will limit God’s ability to work through you. Prepare your spirit daily by reading the Scriptures and praying. If you have a good spirit or attitude throughout the day, God can use you mightily.

Third, keep your thoughts right. Verse 3 talks about having established thoughts in order to prepare your heart for God to work. One of the great mistakes many believers have is that they don't schedule their thoughts for the day. Idle time always leads to uncontrolled thoughts. You need to keep your thought life under control if you want God to work through you, and the best way to do that is to purposely keep your mind occupied throughout the day. You control your thoughts by controlling what feeds your thoughts. If you cannot control the information coming in, you would be wise to stop that information. Too many people have wrong thoughts because they watch the news, television, or spend too much time on social media, all of which you cannot control. If you control what feeds your mind, you will be able to control your thought life.

Fourth, give your works to God. Verse 3 commands the believer to commit their works unto the LORD. If you do the works that the LORD would want you to do, it would be easy to commit your works to God. Do works that build rewards for eternity and you will be able to commit those works to God for Him to use.

Lastly, stay humble. Don't let God’s blessings on your life cause you to be lifted up in yourself. Verse 5 shows God’s hatred for pride. If you stay humbled that God would use you to do His works, you will find that His blessings will stay on your works.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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