Pride’s Cause and Effect

2 Chronicles 32:25
“But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem.”

Pride is one of those sins which God detests, and everyone must deal with it. After all that the LORD did for Hezekiah, you would think that he would be able to stay humble, but even he allowed pride to get the best of him. In this story when Hezekiah allowed pride to get the best of him, some of the causes and effects of pride are shown. Let me first show you the effects of pride.

First, pride keeps you from being thankful. Though the LORD had done much for Hezekiah, he “rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him.” Ungrateful people are normally pride-filled people. My friend, it is a godly act to show appreciation to God and others for the benefits done unto them. One of the easiest ways to stop pride is to always show appreciation to God and those who help you or do things for you.

Second, pride always affects your heart. It says about Hezekiah, “…for his heart was lifted up…” This is nothing more than arrogance. Pride always causes you to think more highly of yourself than you should. One of the biggest dangers of pride is how it makes us so confident in our own abilities that we believe we can do things without the help of God. You must beware of pride causing you to think more highly of yourself than you should.

Third, personal pride always affects the humility of those around you. Not only did Hezekiah have to humble himself, but the inhabitants of Jerusalem had to humble themselves. You will always find that a person of pride is normally surrounded with people who are also filled with pride. That is why you often see a lot of personality conflicts with those filled with pride. Pride becomes like a disease that spreads to those around you.

If these are the effects of pride; what is the cause of pride? The cause of pride can be traced to two actions. The first cause of pride is a self-focus instead of a God-focus. When we take our eyes off God, we always find our hearts begin to fill with pride. The best way to keep yourself from being filled with pride is to keep your eyes on the LORD no matter what you achieve in life.

Second, pride is caused by a horizontal focus instead of an upward focus. What I mean by this statement is that we get focused on what we have achieved and obtained and have forgotten that God is the One who gave us what we have. Every possession we have was given to us by God. Every position we have obtained was obtained because the LORD promoted us. Be careful about looking at all that you have instead of realizing that everything you have accomplished and obtained has been done through the help of the LORD.

The best way to keep from allowing pride to infiltrate your heart and life is to live a life of faith. A faith-filled life always keeps the Christian humble because we must depend on God to make it through faith’s endeavors. You will always find that those who live the life of faith are always humble people. Do you struggle with pride and arrogance? Let me encourage you to live a life of faith and never allow yourself to look at what you have accomplished. Living the life of faith will keep your heart focused on the God.

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