Protecting a Child’s Influences

2 Chronicles 23:11
“Then they brought out the king’s son, and put upon him the crown, and gave him the testimony, and made him king. And Jehoiada and his sons anointed him, and said, God save the king.”

Before they ever put the crown on Joash’s head, several levels of protection had to be set up to protect him from Athaliah who wanted him dead. Jehoiada the priest understood that it was God’s will for Joash to keep the throne in Judah, so he risked his life and set up several levels of protection to keep this young child safe until the time that he was capable of ruling on the throne of Judah.

God has given to every parent a king or a queen who is to sit on the throne of God’s will for their lives. I don’t know that parents truly understand the significance of their duties as a parent. We certainly know that our children belong to God and that He has a plan for their lives which is the throne of their kingdom that they are to rule. The parents responsibility is to be sure to protect them from any dangers that would keep them from sitting on the throne of God’s will for their lives. I believe the story above shows us several levels of protection that parents should set up to guard their children from influences that will destroy and keep them from the throne of God’s will for their lives.

First, every parent needs to protect the leadership role models of their children. In verse 2, Jehoiada made sure the right leadership was around Joash. Parents need to be very careful who they allow to lead their children. You need to be sure that your children have a godly pastor and youth pastor. These spiritual leaders will dictate their spiritual direction. Moreover, you also need to guard who you let teach your children in school. If a school teacher is going to lead your child in a wrong direction, it is your responsibility as a parent to get them under the right teacher who will instill scriptural philosophies in their life.

Second, every parent needs to protect the outside influences of their children. Jehoiada made sure the gates were closed. A parent must know who their children befriend. Friends have destroyed more children than any other outside influence. You need to guard what or who can influence your children from the outside. That means you need to know where they are, who they are with and what they are doing at all times.

Third, every parent needs to protect the inside influences. Jehoiada was as concerned about the influences from inside the house as he was the outside. You need to be careful what influences your children in the home. Are you watching wrong things that will influence your children for wrong? Don’t let inside influences destroy them.

Fourth, every parent needs to protect the private influences. Jehoiada didn’t want Joash to go anywhere without someone there to protect him. Every parent needs to know what their child can do when they’re alone in their bedroom. Check their digital players and their computers. Be sure you know what they are doing on social networks. Protect your child from those influences that can get to them when they are alone.

If you will protect these four levels of influences, you have a better chance of your child sitting on the throne of God’s will for their lives. Don’t be aloof with these influences, but guard them carefully so your children are protected from those influences that will destroy them.

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