Pure Words

Psalm 119:140
“Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.”

God says in Proverbs 25:11, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” There is nothing as beautiful and refreshing than to hear words spoken properly. The psalmist expresses the importance of words when he says, “Thy word is very pure…” He didn’t say that God’s Word was just pure, but that it was “very pure.” It was the purity of God’s Word that caused the psalmist to love it.

Every Christian knows the importance of God’s Word being pure. The word “pure” means, genuine, incorrupt, true and innocent. In other words, God has no ulterior motive with His Word other than truth being spread. God’s Word is unadulterated truth. There is a purity about God’s Word that every person can trust. God doesn’t say one thing to one person and another thing to another; rather, His Word is always the same, and the purpose of His Word is to help everyone who hears each word.

If God’s Word is pure, and it is, shouldn’t the Christian’s word be just as pure? Because the Christian is a representative of Christ, our words should be as pure as God’s Word. It ought always be said about you that no matter what you say, it is true. Let me give several thoughts concerning the purity of your words.

First, don’t speak in code to cover up what you really want to say. There is something about a person who speaks plainly so everyone understands exactly what is being said. People would never feel that they can’t trust what you say because of an ulterior motive. Everyone should feel that you mean exactly what you say. If your habit is always to speak unadulterated truth, you will find that people will never wonder what you really mean.

Second, let your words be pure from insinuation. The word “pure” means chaste. Christians need to be careful about using slang words to cover up curse words. Cursing is wrong no matter how you cloak the words. Moreover, the words of every Christian should be pure from impropriety. Every parent should feel that they don’t have to keep their children from you because your words are often improper. Too many Christians think off-color conversations and jokes are okay. It is never okay with the LORD when the words of a Christian are not pure. You need to be careful about allowing yourself to fall into the trap of telling dirty jokes and speaking off-color about the opposite gender.

Third, never lie when the truth will hurt. Your love for truth is revealed by when telling the truth brings you hurt. This is where many people draw the line at telling the truth. It is easy to tell the truth when it doesn’t hurt or inconvenience you; however, truth is always to be told. Just because truth may inconvenience or hurt you doesn’t excuse telling a lie. You should love truth so much that it would hurt you more to tell a lie than to suffer the inconvenience or consequences of telling the truth. Your love for truth is revealed at the moment when it no longer benefits you.

My friend, if God made an emphasis on the importance of His Word being pure, you should also make it a point in your life to always be a truth bearer. You will find that people will trust you greatly when you become a person who tells the truth no matter what. It should be said about you that people can always trust what you say because your words are pure.

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