Pursuing Christ

Mark 1:17
“And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”

You will notice Christ’s invitation to every believer in the verse above when He says, “Come ye after me…” The pursuit of Christ should be the desire of every believer. Sadly, many have started to pursue Christ only to be sidetracked by the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches. Jesus’ promise to the believer is that if you will pursue Him that He will “make you to become fishers of men.” No, the pursuit of Christ may not make you famous in this world, but it brings attention to Christ as you bring people to Him. The pursuit of Christ may not make you rich in this present world, but it will allow you to lay up treasures in Heaven that will be enjoyed for an eternity. There are several things you must do if you are going to pursue Christ.

First, the purpose to pursue is to reach the lost for Christ. Why would a person ever desire the pursuit of Christ? They should desire it because it will help them to keep them friend, loved ones and neighbors from going to Hell. Yes, the pursuit of Christ will never be achieved by a self-centered, worldly believer, but it is only fulfilled through unselfishness and a care for the lost. The whole purpose of pursuing Christ is to reach the lost.

Second, you will never pursue Christ without leaving your ambitions behind. When Jesus told the disciples to follow Him, they forsook their nets and followed Him. Your net is the ambitions you have for your life. I don’t know what your ambitions are, but you will never wholly pursue Christ until you are willing to leave your ambitions behind. You are going to have to die to yourself and your dreams if you are going to successfully pursue Christ in your life.

Third, you will never pursue Jesus by staying with the crowd. The first two disciples followed Jesus as He went “a little further.” You cannot pursue Christ and run with the crowd. The pursuit of Christ often seems lonely from the outside, but those who walk with Him enjoy a fellowship with Christ that surpasses any relationship with man. You must be willing to walk away from the crowd if you are going to pursue Christ and His ambitions.

Fourth, you will never successfully pursue Christ until He becomes more important than family. When Jesus called James and John, they left their father to pursue Christ. The believer was not called to pursue their family, but they are called to pursue Christ. The pursuit of Christ often causes you to have to leave family to follow Christ to places He needs you so that you can reach the lost for Him.

Fifth, you will never pursue Jesus until you stop pursuing the riches of this world. Not only did James and John leave their father, but they also forsook their “hired servants.” Many have failed to follow Christ because the riches of the world tend to pull on them more than their desire to pursue the things of Christ. Unless you are willing to leave the riches of this world, you will never succeed in your pursuit of Christ.

My friend, it may seem that the pursuit of Christ makes you lose everything, but you will find that the pursuit of Christ causes you to gain the best fellowship that you could ever enjoy, and that is fellowship with Christ. The things you lose when you pursue Christ will pale in eternity to what you achieved while in pursuit of Christ. You always gain when you leave the world to pursue the Saviour.

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