Quitting Points

Mark 4:15
“And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.”

Those who come to the quitting points in life and continue realize that these places are simply distractions trying to keep them from God’s blessings. Everyone will face quitting points in their walk with the LORD, but those whom the LORD uses mightily are those who go beyond the quitting points and continue to do the LORD’s work until they realize the blessings of His will. What you do with the quitting points of life will determine what the LORD can do through you.

In the parable of the sower, God shows several quitting points that the believer will face. In this parable, the Word of God is sown into the heart of individuals, but there are several things that keep the seed from doing a work in the heart of that individual. That which prevents the seed from working in the heart of the believer is called a quitting point. Jesus tells us six quitting points in this parable that you must avoid.

The first quitting point is Satan’s offers. As soon as you choose to serve the LORD, you will find Satan will quickly send opportunities your way to keep you from serving the LORD. Satan’s opportunities may not be evil or wicked of themselves, but they become evil when they take you away from what the LORD wants you to do. When God asks you to do something, you must always beware of Satan’s counteroffer.

The second quitting point is affliction. Many people have quit serving the LORD because of a physical affliction. The only thing that will keep you going when physical affliction tries to stop you is to realize that God can use affliction to do a more significant work through you.

The third quitting point is persecution. Satan will always try to get you to stop serving the LORD by using criticism or personal attacks to stop you. Don’t let a little persecution cause you to back down from serving the LORD. You must determine that when persecution comes your way that you will continue to serve the LORD. Those who administer the persecution will eventually focus their attention on another; so don’t quit when persecution comes.

The fourth quitting point is secular concerns. You must not let the “cares of this world” pull you from what you are supposed to be doing for the LORD. You can easily think you can make a greater impact on others by getting involved in humanitarian and political causes, but you must remember that the greatest impact you can make on others is with the Word of God.

The fifth quitting point is wealth. Satan will always make sure that you have monetary offers to pull you away from serving the LORD if the “deceitfulness of riches” is your focus. My friend, there is nothing wrong with making money, but if making money becomes your focus, you will always find monetary offers that are more appealing than serving the LORD.

The sixth quitting point is covetousness. When the “lusts of other things” pulls your attention away from serving the LORD, Satan will be sure to always offer another worldly possession to you. Never let your lack of worldly possessions become your quitting point. Stay focused on serving the LORD and the things of this world will seem inferior to the blessings of serving Christ.

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