Reconciling Relationships

Daniel 9:24
“Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.”

Sin always leaves you desolate and confused. Sin always starts when you rebel, depart from God’s Word, and ignore the warning of God’s men. The worst part about sin is that it damages your relationship with God. No, it never puts your eternity in question, but sin does affect your ability to have sweet fellowship with God.

However, there is always hope with God that you can be reconciled to Him. Reconciling your relationship with God doesn’t mean you lost your salvation, but it means that you are restoring the sweet fellowship with Him so that you enjoy the blessing of His presence.

Your relationship with God mirrors your relationship with mankind. How you reconcile your relationship with God is how you can reconcile your relationship with your spouse, parent, or any other person. Sin always hurts relationships, and if you want to enjoy the blessings of those with whom you are in a relationship, you are going to have to reconcile those relationships. According to this chapter, there are several things you must do to reconcile any relationship.

First, confession must be made. In verse 4, Daniel started his conversation with God by making confession. You will never restore a relationship until you confess your wrong. Please understand that you can’t restore a relationship by pointing out the flaws of the other person; instead, you must make total confession to God and the person you have wronged that what you have done is your fault.

Second, prayer must be made. In verse 4, Daniel prayed to God. You cannot restore a relationship without talking to the person in the relationship. Communication is one of the greatest keys to restoring relationships. The reason a relationship is broken is because communication stopped. If you will restore your communication, you will start the process of reconciling your relationships.

Third, you must make an end of sin. You can’t continue to commit the sin that broke a relationship and expect the relationship to be reconciled. Sin must be removed if you are going to reconcile what you broke.

Fourth, replace sin with righteousness. The only way to stop doing what broke the relationship is to replace the sin with righteousness. Righteousness is doing right works. When you start doing what you are supposed to do, you will find that you will stop doing what you are not supposed to do; it is truly this simple.

Fifth, spend time in God’s Word. One of the greatest ways to nurture a broken relationship is to spend time in God’s Word together. God’s Word will have a cleansing affect and effect on your relationship and it will help to rebuild the trust that was broken.

Sixth, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Yielding to the Holy Spirit is the greatest way to reconcile relationships. You will find when both people in a relationship are yielded to the Holy Spirit, both people will find it easy to forgive and allow the relationship to be reconciled.

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