Reconsidering Right Decisions


Luke 23:22 “And he said unto them the third time, Why, what evil hath he done? I have found no cause of death in him: I will therefore chastise him, and let him go.”

One of Pilate’s biggest mistakes in this incident with Christ is that He didn’t make the decision to release Him and be done, but he made a decision to release Him and then tried to appease the people by talking to them. It says in the verse above that Pilate talked to them three times trying to convince the people of his decisions. Pilate knew he made the right decision, but he also knew that his decision was unpopular. Instead of making the decision and sticking with it, he tried to talk to those who the decision affected adversely to appease them, which did not work.

There are times when your right decisions will not be popular, but that doesn't mean that you are making the wrong decision. To reconsider the right decision is detrimental to your future. Many people have reconsidered the right decision and then made the wrong decision, which caused them regret and heartache in the future. Let me give you several guides about the importance of not reconsidering the right decision.

First, never base decisions on how others will think of you, but make decisions based on what is right. You will never make everyone happy with every decision. You have got to stop trying to make people happy with your decisions. You have to understand that the right decision will affect some for good and others for bad, but you made a right decision; stick with it.

Second, never undo a right decision because it is not popular. Just because your decision is not popular does not make it wrong. A parent who makes the right decision about their child isn’t always going to make their child happy. If you are making decisions so someone will be your friend, you will find that decision is likely a wrong decision. You don't make a decision so someone will be your friend, but you make the right decision, and you will discover the right friends.

Third, never reconsider a right decision because of indecision. Indecision is a normal feeling after a right decision, but indecision is a feeling, and decisions should never be based on feelings. Don't let the indecision after the right decision cause you to make a wrong decision to undo the right decision.

Fourth, never ask people of their opinion of the decision when it is an unpopular decision. Taking a poll on your decision is never how you stand with your right decision. You didn't make the right decision because it was popular, so stop trying to find those who agree with your decision and get your solace in the fact that you know you made the right decision.

Fifth, never base a decision on the immediate impact. If you base your decisions on how it affects the immediate, you will find yourself making many wrong decisions. Many right decisions will adversely affect the immediate, but they bring blessings in the future. Never let the immediate impact of a decision influence your decision.

My friend, stick with a decision based on faith and right no matter what the impact may be; it is the right decision, even if the decision adversely affects you in the immediate.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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