Leviticus 26:23 “And if ye will not be reformed by me by these things, but will walk contrary unto me;”

The fact that God judged Israel because they would “not be reformed” is proof that He is interested in reforming those who have walked contrary to His Word. God’s judgment that He sends to those who walk contrary to Him is for the sole purpose of getting His people to come back to Him. In other words, God is longsuffering and merciful to the degree that He doesn't utterly destroy them just because His people walked contrary to what He wanted them to do.

Because God does not change, this truth applies to the believer today. Just because you have rebelled against God and walked contrary to how He wants you to walk does not mean that He is done with you; God wants you to be reformed. What does it mean to be reformed? Reformed means to be restored to a good state or formed anew. In other words, God is willing to take you from where you are and form your life anew so that He can use you. The fact that God is interested in reforming the believer teaches us several encouraging truths.

First, God wants to use you more than you want to be used by Him. You may desire to be used by God, but His desire to reform someone who has walked contrary to Him shows His desire to use anyone who will repent and walk in agreement with Him. As much as you desire to be used by God, it will never match God’s desire to use you.

Second, God is interested in reformation. God doesn't throw people away just because they have walked contrary to Him and His Word. God already has new plans for the believer as soon as they start drawing nigh to Him. Never let sin cause you to believe that God is done with you. As long as you are still alive, it doesn't matter what you have done; God is interested in reforming your life into His image.

Third, God is a God of another plan. You are not done if you have ruined the first plan. When Samson ruined God’s first plan, God came up with another plan and used him again. When David ruined God’s first plan, God came up with another plan to use him, and part of that plan was to use him to pen the great Psalm 51. The fact that God is not reforming any believer is only because they refuse to live in the new plan that God has drawn up for their life. God can and still will use you greatly if you will accept the new plan.

Fourth, reformation is a heart issue. The verse above says, “And if ye will not be reformed by me by these things,…” The choice to be formed is yours. God wants to reform you, but He cannot reform you until you accept what He wants to do in your life. In Jeremiah 18, the clay became marred in the hand of the potter, but it was up to the clay to allow the potter to remake it. Your heart is the great determining factor as to whether God can reform you. God cannot reform you if you refuse to be remade in His hand.

Fifth, reformation starts at walking in agreement with God. If walking contrary to God is what caused your problems, then walking in agreement with Him is the first step back to being reformed. Amos 3:3 asks, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” My friend, it does not matter what you have done; God is willing to reform you into a tool that He can use IF you will take that first step of walking in agreement with Him; it is your choice.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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