by: Allen Domelle

I was preaching in Seattle, Washington, when my phone rang early in the morning. I picked up the phone and it was my wife on the line. As soon as I greeted her, she asked, “Did you see what happened in New York?” I had not turned on the television, so I asked what happened. She said, “Apparently a plane was hijacked and was flown into the World Trade Center building.”

I quickly turned on the television to see what was happening. I had barely turned on the television when I saw the second plane fly into the second World Trade Center building. I sat stunned! There was no mistake in my mind that this was a terrorist attack. As I continued to look at the news from these shocking events, I then saw the buildings collapse. Again, I was in shock! How could this have happened? Then I learned of another plane that terrorists crashed into the Pentagon. All I could do was sit in shock. Of course, over the next few hours the stories began to come out of all the tragedies that happened that day, and how some heroic passengers on another plane because they wouldn’t let the cowardly terrorists take their plane and use it as a weapon.

Here we are fifteen years later, and I wonder, have we forgot? Just in case, let me give you some statistics.

Deaths by Area of Attack

  • World Trade Center – 2,606
  • Airlines – 246
  • Pentagon Building – 125

Total number who died in 9/11 were 2,977 (This number does not include the terrorists)

  • Casualties in the World Trade Center and Surrounding Area Deaths
  • Residents of New York – 1,762
  • Persons in North Tower (Tower 1) – 1,402
  • Persons in South Tower (Tower 2) – 614
  • Residents of New Jersey – 674
  • Employees of Marsh Inc. – 355
  • Firefighters – 343
  • Employees of Aon Corporation – 175
  • Port Authority police officers – 37
  • Police officers – 23
  • Paramedics – 2
  • 1 firefighter was killed by a man who jumped off the top floors

Casualties on the Airplanes

  • American Airlines Flight 11 (North Tower) – 87
  • United Airlines Flight 175 (South Tower) – 60
  • American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon) – 59
  • United Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA) – 40

Casualties inside the Pentagon

  • Military and civilian deaths – 125

(Source: 9/11 Commission)

I fear that America has moved on so quickly that we forgot each of these numbers represents a soul. Each person had a dad and a mom who they left behind. Many of these people were either a husband or a wife. These people left behind a spouse and children, parents and siblings, friends and neighbors, work partners and fellow Americans. These people were not Republican or Democrat, THEY WERE AMERICANS! Sure, they were affiliated politically, but beyond their political affiliation they were red-blooded Americans that cowardly terrorists, who hide behind their turbans and masks, took airplanes and used them as missiles to kill thousands of innocent people and leaving behind many brokenhearted people.

I wonder, have those in Washington D.C. forgot what happened on that treacherous day that changed America forever? Have they forgot, as judges rule God out of our country? Have they forgot, as Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen continually vote and take the freedoms of Americans away? Have the city council members in our country forgot what happened on that day as they legislate rules against Christians who stand by the principles of the Word of God?

Let me bring this a step further. Have American citizens forgot what happened on that ominous day? On that day we had national prayer, and churches were packed with American citizens looking to God for answers. Yet today, churches are empty and sports stadiums are filled. Where every ballgame started with the song, “God Bless America,” now we have become an apathetic people who continue to push God out of their lives and country. Have we forgot as we accept a terrorist Islamic religion and say that they really don’t hate America? REALLY? If that is the case, then why are they killing Christians in the countries they control. Make no mistake, if the Muslims get what they want in America, Christians will be martyred here as well.

Let me remind you that God says in Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” If America ever wants God’s blessings back, then she is going to have to get back to God. Christian, we can blame it on judges and politicians, but are you faithful to every church service? Are you involved in the outreach ministries of your church? The best way to remember those who are lost is to do what you can to bring God back into our country.

I challenge you today to take some time to remember. Remember what made America great was that she was founded upon Christian principles. Those Christian principles will only become part of America again if individuals make those principles an every day part of their lives. It is up to you as an individual. If you are going to truly remember those who lost their lives twelve years ago, then you must make God the LORD of your life again!

Allen Domelle is the editor of the Old Paths Journal which is more than just a Christian’s publication. It is an excellent place to learn how today’s headlines will forge tomorrow’s laws and statutes. Keep yourself in tune with what is happening around the world, as well as in your own backyard with our daily updates and devotionals.

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