Respect for Jesus


John 21:7 “Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.”

Peter certainly gives us much to preach about because of his spontaneity. Peter often did what he felt to do at the moment, which often got him into trouble. One of the great attributes about Peter that I admire is his respect for the Saviour. He was fishing without a coat on, yet when he realized that it was Jesus on the shore telling them what to do, he put his coat back on because he respected the Saviour.

One attribute we have lost in our society is the respect for Jesus in the church house. There used to be a day when people had great respect for the church house. Sadly, most treat the church house as a country club or a social gathering, and it shows in the worldly believers that churches are producing. I believe there are several things that the believer should do to show respect to Jesus. Respect is nothing more than treating the church house and the church services in the same manner you would act if Jesus were to show up physically. Let me share these areas where the believer should show respect.

First, I believe we ought to dress with our best when we go to church. I know I am dealing with a sacred cow, but church is not a party, social gathering, country club, or the farmhouse; it is church. Whatever the best clothing you have should be worn to church to show your respect to the LORD. Ladies ought not to wear revealing clothing, nor should men come to church in shorts. Dress the best for the Saviour because He deserves the best.

Second, I believe you ought to stay seated during the preaching. I am amazed how many people get up without any thought and walk around during the preaching. When it is preaching time, it is time to sit down and listen. You can sit for thirty to forty minutes without having to get up. If you used the restroom before the services, you should be able to sit and listen to the preaching without getting up. Let me also add that parents need to be sure that their children and teenagers don't get up to use the restroom. Satan always prods them to move at the very moment the Holy Spirit is working on someone’s heart, and their moving could cause a person not to get saved or not to get right with God. Simply put, SIT STILL!

Third, turn off distractions. When you go to church, turn off your cell phone. There is no purpose for the cell phone in the church services. If there is an emergency, it will continue to be an emergency after the services. We did just fine years ago without a phone in the services, and I believe we will do just fine without them in the services today. It is very disrespectful to play on the phone or let your phone ring during the church services.

Fourth, don't talk during the services. People ought to sit and listen out of respect, whether it is the offertory or the preaching time. Those playing the offertory practiced, and you should give them the respect to listen. The preacher has labored over what he is giving you, and you should have the respect to listen to what God gave him. Remember, the church is not a sporting event to discuss what is going on; it is church; respect it by being quiet and listening.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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