Responding to the Preacher

2 Chronicles 16:10
“Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time.”

Asa had two different responses to the preacher when he came to challenged him to do right. The first time the prophet came, Israel had not served God for a long season, and the prophet challenged Asa to turn back to the LORD. Asa’s response to the first time was that he “took courage, and put away” those things that had caused the LORD’s presence to leave Israel. He also renewed the altar and entered into a covenant to “seek the LORD God.” This response resulted in the LORD helping him in his battles and giving peace to him in his kingdom.

The second time Asa responded to the preacher is found in the verse above. Instead of relying on God when Israel came against him, Asa relied on the king of Syria for his help. The seer came to Asa and rebuked him and told him that “from henceforth thou shalt have wars.” Asa became angry with the seer and put him in prison because he didn’t like the message of the preacher. The result of Asa’s action was that he never saw peace in his kingdom again, and God struck him with a painful disease in his feet that stayed with him until the day of his death. These two instances in Asa’s life teach the believer several lessons about the importance of responding to the preacher’s correction properly.

First, your response to the preacher will greatly determine the peace you will have in your life. When Asa responded properly, he found peace in his kingdom, but when he responded improperly, he faced wars in his kingdom. You will never find rest by fighting against the man of God who points out your sin. My friend, just because the preacher points out your sin doesn’t mean that he is a bad guy. You can get mad at the preacher who preaches against your sin, but the turmoil that sin caused won’t go away because you run from the preacher. You won’t find peace in your life until you respond correctly to the advice and preaching of the man of God.

Second, putting away that which took your peace is the first step of finding peace after the preacher points out your sin. Instead of getting mad at the preacher for preaching against your sin, you put away the sin that has caused the turmoil in your heart and life. Sin is the problem in your life; not the preacher who preaches against your sin. The preacher is only the messenger of God who is trying to help you to find peace again, and he knows that sin is the problem, and that peace will replace the turmoil if it is removed.

Third, renewing the altars is a proper response to a preacher’s admonition. If you want to find peace again, you must renew the altar of repentance. Staying in your seat in the invitation so that you can hold onto your sin is not going to bring peace in your life. Moreover, you must renew the personal altar of prayer and studying God’s Word. You will find the journey to peace in your life will be greatly enhanced when you renew the altars in your life.

Fourth, seeking the LORD with all your heart and soul will bring the peace of God in your life again. You seek the LORD through service. The LORD is always found of those who are serving Him. You will never find the peace of God in your life by sitting, but the peace of God will come as you faithfully serve Him.

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