Sad Communications


Luke 24:17 “And he said unto them, What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?”

Jesus was amazed at the disposition of the disciples. He asked them as He walked with them by the way, “What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?” Jesus was saying, “Why are you being so negative? Why is your outlook so negative?” It was the negative outlook of the disciples that caused them to miss to whom they were talking. Imagine if the disciples had understood from the beginning that they were talking to Christ; the whole conversation would have likely been different. However, their negative and sad communications led them to miss an opportunity to ask the Saviour questions that could have helped them in a greater way.

Being around people with a negative spirit will drain your spirit and test your patience. Every church has that individual that no matter what is going on, and no matter how good the blessings of God are on the church, that person only wants to bring attention to themselves through their negativity. Negative people are selfish, self-focused people that try to draw attention to themselves through their negativity, but in doing so, they miss the opportunity to point people to Christ that a positive spirit would have done. Let me share with you what negativity will do to you.

First, negativity will keep you from seeing Christ and His presence in your life. The disciples were so negative that they could not see that they were walking with the One whom they thought was dead. Negativity always kills your ability to see how God’s presence is working in your life. The negative outlook only focuses on one person, themselves. You could see God’s providential presence working in your life daily if you got rid of the self-focused, negative spirit.

Second, negativity keeps you from seeing the obvious that faith provides. The disciples had walked with Christ for three years, but one must wonder how they missed who they were walking with by the way. The way they missed it is because negativity blinded them to the obvious. How is it that one person can see great things and the others only sees what is going wrong? The answer is their outlook. The one who sees the great things God is doing has a positive outlook, but the one who sees everything going wrong has a spirit of negativity.

Third, negativity keeps you from seeing opportunity. A positive outlook sees every obstacle as an opportunity to see God’s power work, whereas a negative outlook sees obstacles as another thing that is against them. If the disciples had a positive outlook, they would have believed that Christ rose from the dead as they were told, but their negativity kept them from believing that the Scriptures had come to fruition in their lifetime. You will miss the miracle opportunities that God has for your life as long as you have a spirit of negativity.

Fourth, negativity keeps you from living by faith. Faith requires a positive outlook; doubt is the result of a negative spirit. The degree to which God can work in your life will be determined by whether you have a positive or negative outlook. You can let negativity rule your spirit and miss the joy of the miraculous, or you can choose to be positive by faith and watch God do the miraculous through your life and give you joy beyond measure.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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