Mark 8:4
“And his disciples answered him, From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread here in the wilderness?”

Satisfaction is the state of the mind which results from the full gratification of desire. Being satisfied is being able to say, “It is enough.” Satisfaction is pushing away from the table and saying that you don’t want to eat anymore. Satisfaction is saying that you have everything that you want. Satisfaction is the ability to look at what is in front of you and have no desire to partake of it because you have had enough.

The world is always looking for satisfaction. Sadly, the world always looks to the wrong places or things for their satisfaction. The disciples asked the Saviour, “From whence can a man satisfy these men…?” Even the disciples thought that satisfaction came from material things instead of from the true source of satisfaction. Let me give you several observations from the verse above that will help you to learn how to be satisfied in life.

First, bread is never the source of satisfaction. The disciples asked, “From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread…?” Satisfaction never comes from a desire or a destination. You will never find satisfaction from money, homes, fancy cars, nice clothing, drugs, alcohol, or anything that man can produce. Many people look to be satisfied from the material only to find that the material never satisfies. Satisfaction will never be found in what you have, but with Who you have, and that is Jesus Christ. The more you search for satisfaction from things, the more dissatisfied you will be in life. My friend, stop pursuing satisfaction from the material things of life because you will never find it in things.

Second, man is never the source of satisfaction. The verse above says, “From whence can a man satisfy…?” Man will never be able to satisfy. You may think that if you get close to someone that they will be able to satisfy you, but you will soon find that man will never be able to provide enough to satisfy. Man may have the resources to temporarily satisfy your desires, but eventually man’s resources will fall short of your desires for satisfaction. If you think you can find satisfaction in a person, you will be disillusioned and disenchanted because man will eventually prove to do something that will let you down.

Third, the power of Christ is where satisfaction is found. The only way this crowd could be satisfied was in the power of Christ. My friend, satisfaction is found in the person of Christ and not in the person of man or the things of the world. You will never find the satisfaction for which you are seeking until you invest your life in the things of Christ. As the song says, “Christ is all I need.”

Fourth, Christ will more than satisfy. When you look at this event, you see that Christ gave them more than they ever wanted. Verse 8 says, “So they did eat, and were filled: and they took up of the broken meat that was left seven baskets.” The only person who can fill your every desire in life is Christ, and He will not only fill your desires, but He will give you more than you could want. You will never be disillusioned when you seek satisfaction from Christ. He can fill the need for friendship. He can fill the need for belonging. Whatever you think it is that will satisfy; let me testify that Christ alone is the only way that need will be met, and He will always do more than satisfy. Let me encourage you to stop looking at material things or personalities for satisfaction and serve Christ; for He alone will more than satisfy your needs.

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