Scattered Abroad Preaching the Word


Acts 8:4 “Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.”

What was the key to the early church turning the world upside down for Christ? The key was they were scattered abroad everywhere preaching the Word of God. Before they were scattered abroad, they had certainly reached their city, but when persecution came and they were scattered is when the Gospel was spread everywhere and people were saved in abundance, which resulted in the world being turned upside down for Jesus Christ.

Imagine what would happen if every church had the mindset to be scattered across their area preaching the Gospel to every person who would listen. If every church did what they could to be scattered across their area bringing the Gospel to every person, I would imagine that every church would be filled to overflowing. The problem is not that God can't build a church today; the problem is that churches are not scattering themselves across their area preaching the Word. Let me share several thoughts about the importance of being scattered abroad preaching the Word.

First, there is no bad time to preach the Word. The verse above does not say that they only preached the Word at certain times; rather, they preached the Word daily, and they also preached at different times of the day. The greatest need for every church is that they don't go soul winning only at the organized times, but that they go so winning all the time.

Second, there is no bad place to preach the Word. You will notice that this church didn't just go soul winning in the affluent areas, but they went soul winning everywhere. Everywhere includes where the poor live, where the homeless live, and where the addicted gather. There is no bad place to preach the Word of God. Until you get this mindset, you will continue to limit God's ability to save the lost in your area.

Third, there is no wrong person to whom the Word can be preached. If you only look for a certain type of person to preach the Word of God to, you will miss many people who would be saved. Don't qualify the type of person you are trying to reach; rather, reach whoever will listen to the Gospel. Preach the Gospel to the poor, the homeless, the addicted, the down and out, the rich, the middle-class, and to any person who will listen. There is no person to whom can Gospel cannot save.

Fourth, there are never too many places you can go to preach the Word. You could never go too far from your church to preach the Gospel. Too many churches have such a small vision only to stay around their church area when if the church scattered themselves across a wide spectrum of their area, more people would be saved. Don't limit yourself to just a few square miles to preach the Gospel, but go everywhere preaching the Gospel.

Fifth, every church should use every avenue possible to preach the Word. The more ways you use to get the Gospel out, the more that people will get saved. We ought to have bus and homeless ministries, and door-to-door soul winning to reach every person. It doesn't matter if people drive in or are bussed in to church; at least they hear the Gospel and have a chance to get saved. When you get past what others think about your church is when you will use every avenue possible to reach the lost.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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