Seed in the Barn

Haggai 2:19
“Is the seed yet in the barn? yea, as yet the vine, and the fig tree, and the pomegranate, and the olive tree, hath not brought forth: from this day will I bless you.”

“Do you have any gas left in the tank?” That is what a manager of a baseball team asks a pitcher who has pitched for several innings and has allowed the bases to load up with runners. The manager wants to know if the pitcher has anything left in his arm to continue to pitch, or if he needs to pull him for a relief pitcher.

The good thing for the Christian is that there is always gas left in the tank, even after we get ourselves into trouble. God asked a rhetorical question, “Is the seed yet in the barn?” The foundation of the new temple had been completed, but many thought the days of God using them were over. Israel suffered God’s punishment for many years, and the new foundation of the temple didn’t compare to the size of the old; however, God wanted to remind them that there was still seed in the barn and that He still had blessings for them if they would obey Him.

Christian, you need to let this verse be an encouraging reminder that God can use you even when you have sinned. One of the Devil’s classic tools he uses against the Christian is that God can no longer use them because of what they have done. My friend, there is always seed in the barn for the Christian if they will obey the LORD. There are three thoughts we can take from this verse.

First, God always gives hope in punishment. When God reminded Israel that there was seed in the barn, He was trying to give them hope that He could still use them in spite of what they had done. God always gives hope to the Christian, because when hope is gone, the purpose of living for Christ will be quenched. Throughout the Scriptures, God always gave hope to individuals who seemingly did something that would cause them never to be used by God again. I think of the Apostle Peter after he denied Christ. Jesus made it a point to tell Mary Magdalene to tell the disciples “and Peter” that He had risen from the dead. Why did Jesus include Peter by name? Because He was giving hope that he still had something for him to do. In spite of what you may have done, God still has something for you to do.

Second, no matter what you have done, God can still use you to help others. As long as God exists, there will always be seed in the barn of your life for Him to use. I’m glad that God used seed as His illustration because seed means there is new life. You may have fallen in sin, but there is still new life in Christ if you will return to Him. God is never done with you; He always has seed in your barn that He can use. Don’t allow sin’s reminder to keep you from yielding yourself to God so that He can use you. The seed in your barn will be wasted as long as you listen to the voices of doubt and accusation. Always remember that any voice that brings doubt instead of faith is not of God. God leaves seed in your barn after you have sinned so that you can trust Him and step out by faith to see the new life He has for you.

Third, don’t waste the seed you have left. My friend, wasted grace means wasted time that God could have used you. Take the seed you have and give it to God; there is still something that God can do through you that brings life to others if you will start sowing the seed left in your barn.

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