Seeking the Wrong Thing

Amos 5:4
“For thus saith the LORD unto the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live:”

Imagine a married person spending their days reminiscing about the past while ignoring the one with whom they made those memories. It would be foolish for the spouse to do this because they would be missing out on making more memories with the one they loved. Instead of searching for the memories of the past, they should seek to enjoy the presence of the one with whom they made those memories.

Israel seemed to make the mistake of seeking the places of significance from the past and allowing that search to cause them to stop seeking God in the present. God’s admonition to Israel was, “Seek ye me…” God wasn’t against them going to Bethel, Gilgal or Beersheba, but He didn’t want them seeking the place more than the purpose of what that place represented. Certainly, each of those places had significant importance to Israel, but the significance of each place was to point their attention to God.

Christians must be careful about seeking the wrong thing. Each of these places mentioned in Amos 5 has significance to the Christian. As God reminded Israel to seek Him, we must be careful that we don’t let the search for the spiritual cause us to miss the presence of God. There are a couple of observations we can learn from God’s admonition to seek Him.

First, don’t let the search for the spiritual cause you to stop seeking God. Bethel is considered the house of God; Gilgal is considered the place of separation; Beersheba is considered a place of victory. You must be careful that you don’t think these things are what make you spiritual. Certainly, attending church regularly is a command of God. Unquestionably, every Christian should live a separated life. Most assuredly, victories from the past should encourage us to continue to serve the LORD. However, these things in and of themselves should point you to continue to seek God. The purpose of going to church is to make your relationship with Christ better. The purpose of separation is to help you to better represent Christ to the world. The purpose of victory is to motivate you to continue to seek Him. My friend, always remember not to focus on the practice, but let the practice cause you to focus on Christ.

Second, a search for Christ always leads the Christian to live a separated life, attend church regularly, and experience victories. Before the worldly Christian gets too excited about the previous paragraph, let me remind them that separation, church attendance and victories are the result of seeking God. If you truly seek the LORD, you will live a separated life. Don’t try to impress everyone with your spirituality when you live, talk and dress like the world. The search for God always leads the individual to separate from the world. Likewise, the search for God always stirs the Christian to be faithful to church. If you are truly seeking God, you will be faithful to church so that you can better know the One Whom you are seeking.

My friend, be careful about focusing on the results of seeking God instead of staying focused on seeking Him. When you seek the LORD, faithfulness to church, separation from the world and personal victory will be the byproduct. Listen to the admonition of God when He says, “Seek ye me, and ye shall live:”

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