Seller's Remorse


Jeremiah 34:11 “But afterward they turned, and caused the servants and the handmaids, whom they had let go free, to return, and brought them into subjection for servants and for handmaids.”

Seller's remorse is when someone puts something up for sale and then changes their mind after listing this item. Many homeowners have had seller’s remorse when the offers they get on their home doesn't match the unreasonable value they had in their mind. Many times this indecision led to rejecting the offer only to be regretted years later.

Jeremiah had preached a message to the few cities that remained after the invasion of Judah which caused king Zedekiah to proclaim that every person should be set free. The people responded to the decree and let every servant go free to enjoy their liberty. However, those who let their servants go free had seller's remorse; they regretted letting these people go free, and they caused these people by force to return to their servitude. Their seller’s remorse led to God’s proclamation of total destruction of the cities that had yet to be taken captive.

Many believers have had seller's remorse with their decisions for Christ. It is natural to have doubt about a decision you make for the LORD after you make it, but you must never let your seller's remorse cause you to return to what you were before. There are three areas where believers tend to have seller's remorse.

First, many believers have seller's remorse with decisions of faith. Someone makes a faith promise commitment that the LORD had placed on their heart only to renege on the decision. We could discuss decisions of faith to move to a church, to attempt great acts of faith, or to take on a ministry of faith. All of these and more are areas where believers have seller's remorse about their decisions of faith.

Second, many believers have had seller's remorse with a decision of repentance. When you come back to God, you must never let the world’s allurement cause you to return to the sinful lifestyle that has brought you so much heartache.

Third, many believers have had seller's remorse with a surrender to God’s calling on their life. God tells us in the book of Romans that the “gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.” Once you make a decision to surrender to God, you have no right to “unsurrender" your life.

If you are going to keep yourself from seller's remorse in these areas, there are two things you must do. First, decide to never undo in doubt the decisions you made by faith. You made a decision of faith, so don't retract to doubt. Doubt is always going to scream when you let it go for a decision of faith, but let doubt scream and hold onto faith; faith always has great rewards.

Second, never let the immediate lack of a right decision cause you to go back to the bondage of the wrong decisions. Right decisions rarely pay off immediately, so you must have patience in the process of doing right because the rewards of doing right are always worth the wait. Remember that right does not have payments of immediate gratification but dividends of future blessings and rewards. Be careful that you don't let the doubt of seller's remorse to rob you of the blessings that faith has in store if you will hold onto your faith decision.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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