Serving God for Nought


Job 1:9 “Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought?”

We all know the discourse between the LORD and Satan about how God had protected Job instead of letting him go through tough times. God asked Satan if he had considered His servant Job. In other words, God was bragging about how good of a servant Job was to God. However, Satan’s response to God is what moved God to send Job through testing. Satan asked, “…Doth Job fear God for nought?” What Satan was saying was that it is easy for the believer to serve God and do right when they are going through times of ease, but it is the hard times that prove whether the believer truly is a good servant. He was saying that the hard times would stop Job, which we know they did not, but they did make Job a better person.

Are you serving God for nought? The word “nought” means nothing. In other words, what is your proving ground that you have gone through and served God in spite of the hardship? Though Job probably lost more through trials than any person who has ever lived, he still retained his integrity and allowed the hard times to make him a better person. There are several lessons we can learn from Satan’s statement to God about serving Him for nought that you must remember when you go through hard times.

First, your love and dedication for God are not proven in the good times but in the hard times. It is easy to say that you love God when everything is going well, but do you still say that you love God with the same fervor when times are tough? To say that you love God when He allows you to go through the toughest times of your life speaks louder than to say you love God in times of ease. Your trials are an opportunity for you to prove to God that you love Him and are dedicated to Him despite the hardships you face.

Second, you cannot prove Satan wrong without hard times. One of the greatest victories you can have in hard times is to prove Satan wrong about your service to God. I would hate to think that I proved Satan right about my dedication to God by quitting in the hard times. If the only reason you should keep going in the tough times is because you want to prove Satan wrong about your love and dedication for God, that in itself is a great reason not to quit.

Third, the hard times show what it takes to stop you. Satan thought hardships were the key to getting Job to quit, but he was wrong. What is your quitting point? What will it take for you to quit doing what you have always done before the hard times came? There should be no line that you have drawn as a quitting point because Satan is sure to bring you to that point. If you remove the quitting points in your life, you can take hard times as a weapon out of Satan’s arsenal against you.

My friend, don’t prove God wrong; He allowed you to go through what you are going through. God believed in you enough to allow you to go through the times that you are facing right now. If God believes in you enough to allow you to go through them, prove Him right by continuing despite the hardships that you face. I am not saying that it will be easy to go through those tough times, but God promises that He has given you the strength to make it. Therefore, you have the strength within you to make it through whatever you are facing if you will rely on God’s strength to make it.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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