Settling for Defeat

Exodus 14:12
“Is not this the word that we did tell thee in Egypt, saying, Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians? For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.”

It is amazing how the children of Israel settled for defeat instead of having the fortitude to fight through the difficulty they faced. They had just seen God work miraculously through the ten plagues, and yet, in the verse above they settled that they were going to die instead of standing up to fight for their existence. These people had seen God work in ways that no other people had ever seen, yet they wanted to go back to Egypt and settle for the beatings and slavery from which God had just delivered them.

It is truly sad that Moses was the only one who seemed to have the stamina to stand up and not settle for defeat. Where were the men in this country who valued freedom as more valuable than their own lives? Where were the patriots who were willing to face obscurity for the chance to see their children and grandchildren live in freedom from a tyrant and slavery? Instead of settling for defeat, there should have been an army of men rise up in great numbers with one voice and say that they would rather die than go back to live under a tyrant like Pharaoh and submit to the slavery in Egypt. There should have been a love for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; instead, there was a surrender to bondage, discontentment and the prospect of death.

My question for you is this, have you settled for defeat? Have you accepted the status quo? Have you said that this is just the way it will be from here on out? Settling for defeat should not be an option. Just because the prospect for the future seems bleak and dark doesn’t mean that things cannot change. Someone has to look at where they came from and say that it is never acceptable to go back to bondage, discontentment and the prospect of death.

Moreover, where are those individuals who put life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness above all individual pleasantries? Every generation needs some patriots who are willing to sacrifice all so the next generation can enjoy the same liberties that we experience today. All it takes is for one generation not to have one patriot who will stand and all liberties will be lost. There must be one person who is willing to set aside every personal desire for the dream to see freedom continue.

Furthermore, there must be an individual who becomes unselfish for freedom and liberty to continue. There needs to be one person who won’t settle for defeat and be willing to lose all luxuries and pleasantries for the sake of the next generation to enjoy freedom and liberty. The only reason you enjoy the freedoms and liberties you enjoy today is because someone in the past decided that they were willing to lose everything so that you could enjoy the freedoms you have today.

My friend, are you going to be that patriot who is willing to lose all for the sake of seeing freedom and liberty continue in the next generation? All it takes for these to die is for one generation to stay silent and settle for defeat. Freedom and liberty are given by God. If you’re saved, you have God on your side just like Israel did. If freedom and liberty are going to continue, you are going to have to go forward and trust the power of God to deliver you so the next generation can enjoy the same freedoms that you enjoy today.

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