Genesis 32:9
“And Jacob said, O God of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac, the LORD which saidst unto me, Return unto thy country, and to thy kindred, and I will deal well with thee:”

Every believer struggles with sight living. The Scriptures command the believer to live by faith, but our flesh desires to see and touch something which results in sight living. Faith requires trust in God’s providence, but sight living needs to have everything worked out immediately with a knowledge of what is going to happen tomorrow. The problem is that you can’t know what tomorrow holds; therefore, sight living produces frustrated believers who live a life of doubt.

Jacob lived most of his whole life by sight. One of the reasons he was so deceitful in his life was because he was sight-driven instead of faith guided. It was Jacob’s inability to control what he saw that caused him to lead a life of deception, but eventually the deceptive, sight-driven life came to a dead end. At the point it comes to a dead end is when you must come to grips that a faith guided life is the only way you will make it in your Christian walk without becoming disillusioned with God and bitter at the Christian walk. In this story of Jacob’s meeting with his brother, four characteristics of a sight-driven life are revealed.

First, the sight-driven life results in a faithless life. Jacob had no faith in God. Yes, he called out to God for help, but he also feared what his brother would do and contrived a plan to avoid his brother’s wrath instead of trusting God. You cannot live a faith-guided life without trusting God for what you cannot see. If you live the sight-driven life, you will miss the blessings that the faith-guided life gives to the believer who trusts God’s providential hand.

Second, doubt is a result of the sight-driven life. Jacob doubted God’s promise that He would make of him a great nation because he was sight-driven. You will find yourself doubting the promises of God when you live a sight-driven life. In fact, you will become frustrated and even angry with God because you don’t have the faith to trust His promises. If God promises He will do something, you are going to have to forsake the sight-driven life for the faith-guided life to avoid being disappointed with your Christian walk.

Third, the sight-driven life results in a lack of confidence in God’s power. Jacob doubted that God could overcome his brother Esau to fulfill His promise. It is sad to watch believers doubt the power of God and what it can do in their situation. When you are sight-driven, you will look at the obstacles and see armies of destruction coming your way. You must never allow the sight-driven life to bring you to the point where you doubt God’s ability to overcome your situation. Your situation may seem dire, but God is capable of overcoming it.

Fourth, the sight-driven life results in life-manipulation. Those who live by sight always try to manipulate life to fit their picture of what life should be only to find their attempt to manipulate God’s plan makes their situation worse. My friend, take your hand off God’s steering wheel and trust Him as He guides you through the faith-guided life.

Do you find yourself living the sight-driven life like Jacob? Let me encourage you to trust God and His ability to work His plan out even when it seems impossible. If you will live the faith-guided life, you won’t be disappointed with how God’s power brought you to His perfect plan for your life.

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