Signs Following


Mark 16:20 “And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.”

The word “signs” means miracles, wonders, or the supernatural. We often want the signs without them following anything else. We want the supernatural to happen, but we are not willing to do the work it takes for God to do the supernatural through us. God is not an entitlement God who gives the supernatural without work, but He rewards our work with the supernatural. The reason the disciples saw the signs is because they did what it takes for God to reward their efforts.

If there is ever a day that we need to see the signs or the supernatural that God performs, it is today. We live in times of doubt, the doubt that says that the supernatural works of God are past. My friend, if God cannot do supernatural works today, then we have a very small God. However, we serve Jehovah God, the God of omnipotence who can still show His power today if you are willing to do the works it takes for God to show His supernatural power. The verse above shows several things that I would like to point out to you that caused the supernatural works of God to follow.

First, the disciples “went.” You can’t do the LORD’s work when you are sitting. God never has and will never do His works through lazy believers. You cannot sit and see the works of God, but you have to go to see His mighty works.

Second, the disciples “went forth.” The word “forth” is a forward direction. In other words, it is a faith direction that gets God’s attention. Going forward always takes faith because we are going where we have never been before. God always honors a faith direction because the faith direction shows that you need and trust Him.

Third, the disciples “preached.” The Gospel was the message they preached. God’s whole purpose for you is to give out the Gospel. You will never have a bad message if the message is the Gospel. The power of the simplicity of the Gospel always reaches through the hardest of hearts. If you want God to do His supernatural works through you, you must be a person who gives out the Gospel.

Fourth, the disciples preached the Gospel “every where.” There is no bad place to give out the Gospel. The reason some have great soul-winning stories and others don't is because those who have the great soul-winning stories are those who give out the Gospel everywhere they go.

Fifth, the Lord worked “with” the disciples as they preached the Gospel everywhere. You never have to do God’s work alone because He always sends His Holy Spirit to work with you. You have to understand that you don't have to worry about your inabilities to be a “good” soul winner to see people saved because it is the Holy Spirit working with you that allows the Gospel to do its work in the hearts of sinners.

Signs will follow those who do these five actions that the disciples did. The churches that saw God do the supernatural through them were always soul-winning churches. God still wants to do miracles today, but He is waiting for the opportunity to do those supernatural works through a believer that by faith is doing the works that needs His power. My friend, signs will follow your life IF you are willing to do the works it takes for God to work with you.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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