Sin’s Finished Product

2 Kings 25:2
“And the city was besieged unto the eleventh year of king Zedekiah.”

James 1:15 says, “…sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” The finished product of sin is never a desirable product. Sin promises so much but only delivers heartache. Israel found this out the hard way. After choosing their way for many years, God finally brought judgment upon them. The finished product of sin is found in what happened to them.

First, sin brings fear. Verses 1-2 shows that the city was besieged. Sin never brings confidence, but it always brings fear that someone is going to find out. One reason those who live in sin are so defensive is because they live in sin. Sin often causes you to question the motives and spirit of others because you fear your sin being found out. You may enjoy the pleasures of sin, but you will always be looking over your shoulder in fear of what will be found out.

Second, sin brings shame. Verse 4 says that “the men of war fled by night.” Sin always leaves a person humiliated. The shame and humiliation that sin brings is not worth the temporary pleasure that it gives. Many people live with the shame of sin for years. It may not be fair that this happens, but sin doesn’t play by the rules.

Third, sin always brings heartache. Zedekiah saw his sons slain before him. Oh, the heartache this must have caused. One of the hardest things you will have to endure because of sin is the heartache of watching the pain that your sin caused on those you love dearly. Sin always affects those you love, and it will hurt to watch them have to endure the effects of your sin.

Fourth, sin always leaves scars. The very eyes that watched Zedekiah’s sons to be slain were also plucked from their sockets. You may one day overcome your sin, but the scars that sin leaves in your mind, heart and life will last till death. Don’t let the scars of sin mar the testimony that God has given to you.

Fifth, sin brings bondage. Zedekiah lived most of his life in bondage because of sin. One thing sin never tells you that it does is that it holds you hostage in your own body. Many people have desired to overcome the temptations their sin caused, but their sin held them in bondage. You will never have to fight a sin’s addiction if you never partake of it the first time. Trust the Scriptures; sin is addicting and will hold you in bondage.

Sixth, sin causes loss of fellowship with God. Israel could no longer go to the house of God because it was burnt down. Sin always hinders your fellowship with God. You can never lose your salvation, but the sweet fellowship you had when you were right with God will not be experienced as long as you live in sin.

Seventh, sin leaves you broken. Just like Jerusalem’s walls were broken down, sin slowly breaks you down until it destroys you. If you don’t want to live a broken life, don’t let sin enter into your life.

Eighth, sin leaves you living in regret. Sin leaves you with the memories of what could have been. If you don’t want this finished product of sin, don’t ever allow it to become a part of your life.

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