Sin’s Price Tag

Jeremiah 51:34
“Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon hath devoured me, he hath crushed me, he hath made me an empty vessel, he hath swallowed me up like a dragon, he hath filled his belly with my delicates, he hath cast me out.”

The offers of sin are plenteous and appetizing, but the results of sin always leave you empty and without. Judah found out the hard way that the wages of sin were much greater than they could afford. They found out that the wages of sin left them as a castout or someone who nobody wanted.

You must always realize that the joy your sin presently brings you will always end in a bad way. The wages of sin are far greater than you can afford, and sin always repossesses the joy in your life. You may think that you can afford sin and that you will always have the wherewithal to keep sin from taking from you, but you will find like everyone else that sin’s price tag is greater than you can pay. The verse above shows the price tag of sin that every person who chooses to live in sin will have to pay.

First, sin will devour you. The verse above says, “…Babylon hath devoured me…” In other words, sin quickly eats you up before you can do anything to defend yourself. The problem with sin is that it immediately begins eating on you before you even know that you are helpless from the teeth of sin. You may think that you can fight back, but you will quickly discover that sin leaves you helpless to its devouring teeth.

Second, sin will crush you. The verse above continues by saying, “…he hath crushed me…” Samson discovered this quickly as he was left grinding the meal like an animal. You will find out that sin will crush you and change the confident person you once used to be into a crushed and defeated person. Nobody has ever entered the doors of sin and come out the same way they went in; instead, they have always come out crushed and broken.

Third, sin will leave you as an “empty vessel.” In other words, you will have nothing to offer anyone once sin is done with you. Many people who had everything to offer found out that sin robbed them of their abilities and capabilities and left them empty with nothing to offer. Your friends may want you now while you have to offer, but like the prodigal son, you will be left with nothing wanting to eat the slop of the hogs.

Fourth, sin will swallow you up “like a dragon.” My friend, you are no match for sin. Satan is that devouring lion looking to devour you and swallow you up, only to spit you out and leave you as a cast out in society. So many people whom I have come across out soul winning have wrecked their lives in sin and feel there is nothing else to do.

The price tag of sin should remind you of two things. First, you cannot avoid paying sin’s price tag. You can’t take sin off the shelf of life and think you can get out of its store without paying the price. You are no different from anyone else; you will have to pay sin’s price tag.

Second, God can restore what sin has taken. The one good thing about sin leaving you empty is that God can fill the void that sin has left in your life. God can replace the void with His blessings if you will come back to Him. Yes, you will have sin’s scars to deal with the rest of your life, but God can cover those scars with His grace and make you into a chosen vessel if you will just come back to Him.

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