Sin’s Purging Effect


Isaiah 6:7 “And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.”

The purging of sin from one’s life is obvious. There are people who say they have changed, but their actions don't show they have changed. Then, there are those who when they get right with God that the effect of their getting right is obvious because of the actions that come afterwards.

God told Isaiah, “…thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.” The effect that this had on Isaiah’s life is telling in the verses that follow. Though we don't know what iniquity God is talking about, we do know that sin being purged from his life made him a different man. Not only does this verse show us that God is willing to use people who have sinned, but it also shows us the positive effects that the purging of sin has on one’s life. Let me show you these effects.

First, there is a freedom of spirit. There is something about the person’s spirit who gets right with God that cannot be mistaken. The freedom in their spirit that they seem to have. What used to bother them no longer bothers them. What they used to blame for their wrongdoing is no longer an issue because their sin has been purged. When you choose to purge sin from your life, your spirit will change, and others around you will notice the change in your spirit.

Second, there is an amplification of God’s voice. Isaiah said in verse 8, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord,…” When did he hear the Lord’s voice? He heard His voice right after sin was purged. You will find that when sin is purged from your life, there will be a heightened sensitivity to hearing God’s voice speaking in your life. Instead of hearing the calls of sin, you will hear the voice of God in those quiet times of your life.

Third, there is a willingness of your spirit. Isaiah said in verse 8, “…Here am I; send me.” His willingness to do whatever God wanted him to do was evident after sin was purged from his life. You will find that when you get right with God that you will no longer argue with what God wants you to do. When sin is purged from your life, the standards of holiness will no longer be laborious to your spirit, and the commitment that Christ demands will be embraced as a privilege.

Fourth, there is a new vision for purpose. God’s vision became Isaiah’s vision after sin was purged from his life. Isaiah was not concerned about what he wanted to do, but he had a vision and desire to see and do what God wanted him to see and do. Your vision and purpose for life will change to a desire to fulfill God’s vision and purpose for your life when sin is purged. You will find that when you live to fulfill God’s vision that a purpose for living will be discovered in your life.

Fifth, there is an obedience in action. When God told Isaiah to go, Isaiah immediately went to do what God told him to do. You will find a desire to reach the lost for God when sin is purged from your life. The only reason soul winning is not a great desire in your life is because sin will squelch that desire.

My friend, the pleasures of sin in no way can measure up to the freedom you find from sin’s purging from your life. You are missing out on life and its true enjoyment as long as you let sin continue in your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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