Sipping the Poison


Galatians 5:9 “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”

Any amount of poison that a person ingests is harmful. Imagine someone saying, “Don’t drink the whole bottle of poison, just take a sip of it.” You would look at them and think that they are trying to kill you, and they are. However, it is sad that many believers are not drinking the whole bottle of poison, but they are sipping the bottle of poison that Satan gives them to sip on. God says, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” In other words, a trace of leaven in the believer’s life is deadly to their doctrine, walk with God, and their ability to witness for Christ. The fact that you sip in the leaven does not change that it is not influencing your life. You can sip a little poison at a time, but every sip is going to hurt you and eventually kill you. Likewise, a little leaven ingested a bit at a time not only influences you but eventually destroys your doctrine and walk with God. Let me share some areas where many believers sip the poison of leaven.

First, a little false doctrine affects all of your doctrine. Many sip on the false doctrine through books with the mindset that they can eat the good but spit out the bones, but the problem is that many choke on the bones. You cannot sip the poison of false doctrine from people who don't believe like you and it not affect your life. Those who have turned on the King James Bible are those who sipped the poison of those who teach false doctrine, and it has affected their doctrine. A little false doctrine always affects your whole doctrine.

Second, a little worldliness affects your whole life. You cannot ingest a little worldliness and live a holy life at the same time. Many have sipped the poison of worldliness and excused it that they are human, but it eventually affects their ability to live a holy life.

Third, a little coldness cools the whole walk with God. You can blame your cold heart on your disagreement with the pastor or his preaching, but it has affected your walk with God. You cannot be passionate for God and have a cool heart simultaneously. You can’t have a little coldness without being lukewarm. It doesn't matter how much coldness you have in your heart; it is the fact that you have coldness in your heart that is affecting your whole walk with God.

Fourth, a little doubt influences the vision of faith. Satan could care less how much doubt you have; he just wants you to let doubt in your life because it affects your vision of faith. It is the little doubt that you can't have a big day that affects your vision of faith. It is the little doubt that keeps you from going all-in on God’s call to faith. My friend, you will never live the life of faith that God wants you to live and let little doubt influence you at the same time. Any doubt that you let influence you takes away from the faith that God could use to do something mightier through you.

Fifth, a little fleshliness influences the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. Whatever amount you let your flesh to control you is the amount that the Holy Ghost of God is not filling you. The Holy Ghost cannot fill that area where you are doing things in the flesh. Any amount of walking in the flesh keeps you from God’s command to be filled with the Spirit. It does not matter that it is a little fleshliness; it is the fact that you are not being filled with the Spirit. You can sip the poison of walking in the flesh, but it will kill your ability to be filled with the Spirit. My friend, don't be satisfied with a little poison, for any poison affects your whole being spiritually.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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