Situational Crutch


Genesis 39:2 “And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.”

If anyone had a crutch to lean on to give an excuse to quit it would be Joseph. Joseph could have easily laid down when he was sold into slavery, but he picked himself up and did the best with what he had and where he was. When things went bad while he was in slavery and was thrown into prison, you could easily see how Joseph could have become discouraged to the point of quitting, but he didn’t.

The one great characteristic of Joseph was that he never had a situational crutch he used to give an explanation for not doing anything with his life. Instead, Joseph picked himself up from where he was and chose to do the best with what life gave him. The result was that every place Joseph went he was prosperous. Was he prosperous because everything was given to him? NO! In fact, everything seemed to be against him, but he didn't accept the obvious excuses that he could have used; instead, he refused them to find a way to be prosperous in his life.

What you end up doing in life is never determined by what others do to you. Those who are prosperous in life are prosperous no matter what life has thrown at them. Yes, many have situational crutches that they lean on to explain away their failure in life, but you will never do anything for God or in life if you allow situational crutches to be your excuse for failure or mediocrity. I find in Joseph and in those who do something great with their life that they all have similar characteristics that propelled them to success. Let me share these characteristics with you.

First, they all have a positive attitude. You will never do much in life if you allow outside circumstances to dictate your attitude. You must get control of your attitude if you are going to do something great in life. Everyone has bad things happen to them, but those who do something with their life let the bad things roll off their back and continue to be on topside about their future.

Second, they all have a great work ethic. Joseph was a great worker. Your future is as bright as your work ethic. You can't expect to have a great future and only work when you have to work. Those who do something great with their lives are normally known as workaholics. My friend, I would much rather be a workaholic and do something with my life than be an average worker and go nowhere with my life. Your work ethic does matter to your future.

Third, they all had opportunities for excuses, but they refused to use those excuses. You can always find an excuse for failure, but you are surrendering your future to mediocrity if you use it. You must develop a mindset never to accept an excuse not to make something with your life because you kill your potential once you accept excuses.

Fourth, they all hated failure more than success. Success is wonderful, but you must have a greater hatred for failures in life than you do with the enjoyment of success. Yes, you should enjoy your successes, but you must hate failure so much that you figure out a way never to allow it to happen again when it occurs.

Fifth, they all had a standard for excellence. Excellence must be the only standard you must accept. Anything less than excellence is unacceptable. Your future is very bright when excellence is the only standard you deem acceptable.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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