So Moses Finished


Exodus 40:33 “And he reared up the court round about the tabernacle and the altar, and set up the hanging of the court gate. So Moses finished the work.”

There are many great character attributes that made Moses a great example to follow, but one of the greatest is that he finished what he started. It was not always easy for Moses to finish what he started, but he finished. When he reared up the court, he didn't stop doing what God commanded him to do until he got to the finish line.

There is a great need in Christianity today for believers to finish what they start. Anybody can start something, but few ever get to the finish line. Those whom God has used the greatest are those who finished what they started. Let me share several thoughts about what it means to finish.

First, it means you leave nothing undone. You have not finished the job until everything that has been given to you is completed. Many enjoy starting projects, but few ever get to the finished product. Many talk about what they can do, but few ever start what they say they can do and see it all the way until the end. You are not a finisher if you leave anything undone.

Second, it means you don’t quit when it gets difficult. Finishing is not always going to be easy; in fact, there are times when you are tired and weary and will want to quit. It was not easy for Moses to rear the tabernacle with all of its intricacies that God gave, but he worked through every difficulty so that he could finish. If you quit every time something gets difficult, you will never know the joy and satisfaction that comes with finishing. Don't ever start something that people will depend on you if you are going to run from difficulties because anything worth doing will be difficult to finish.

Third, it means you don’t overlook what you consider unimportant. What you consider unimportant could be the most important part of the whole project. You cannot be a finisher and overlook the “little” things because finishing is completing every tiny detail of a project.

My friend, there are several things it will take for you to be a finisher. First, it will take dependability. Dependability is being counted on doing what you are supposed to do without someone having to tell you to do it. Dependability is being reliable to do what you are supposed to do when nobody is around to see you do it. You will never be a finisher if you are not dependable.

Second, it takes sacrifice to finish. You will have to sacrifice pleasure to finish what you start. Many want to be the person at the top, but the person at the top sacrifices pleasures to finish projects that others will not give up. Being a finisher is not easy. There is always sacrifice in finishing what you start, but the sacrifice to finish is worth it because of the satisfaction that finishing gives.

Third, it takes hard work to finish. If you are not willing to work hard, you will never be a finisher. You will have to work while others are playing if you are going to be a finisher. I would much rather be the finisher than the player because the finisher can look back at life and show what they accomplished, whereas the player looks back and sees an empty life. Finishing does take work, but the work to finish is worth the good feeling you receive from accomplishment.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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