So Much the More

Luke 18:39
“And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.”

A blind man sat by the wayside when he heard a commotion of people coming his way. He asked a passerby what the commotion meant, and the person told him “that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.” At the knowledge that Jesus was passing by, this blind man began to cry out in hopes that Jesus would give him sight. However, there were those there who didn’t care for the beggar, so they rebuked him and told him to leave Jesus alone. This rebuke didn’t stop the beggar; instead, “he cried so much the more.” It was the extra effort of the blind man that caused Jesus to stop and give him his sight.

Do you find yourself in the same situation of this blind man? No, you may not be blind, but you find yourself in a situation that seems to have no human hope; you find yourself in a situation that the only hope is God. My friend, let me remind you that God answers prayer. God is very capable of coming through for you, but just like the blind man, you must cry out “so much the more.” There are three thoughts I want to share with you concerning this truth.

First, don’t let the discouragement of others cause you to stop praying. This blind man faced the negativity of others, but that didn’t stop him from crying out “so much the more.” Some of the greatest discouragers in the believers walk will be fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have not walked in your shoes. Never base the heart of God on the assumptions of fellow believers. Just because God has not answered your prayer doesn’t mean that He doesn’t intend to answer it. When others discourage you from praying, you must be determined to cry out “so much the more.”

Second, don’t stop praying when you don’t get an answer. The blind man didn’t stop praying when Jesus didn’t answer the first time; rather, he cried out “so much the more.” Never give up on your prayers. A non-answer is not a “no” answer. When God is silent, the believer must continue to pray “so much the more.” Maybe God’s silence is to see how serious you are about the answer to this prayer. The blind man didn’t allow Jesus not answering the first time to stop him from crying aloud, and neither should you stop praying because God didn’t answer your prayer the first time.

Third, cry “so much the more” when you need an answer. The key to answered prayer is often the fervency and persistence of the one in need. It is the “so much the more” prayer that is often the prayer that gets answered. When you have no answer, it is time to pray “so much the more.”

My friend, what prayer do you need answered today? The need for this nation is for believers who will pray “so much the more.” The need for every church is for a believer who will intercede for others “so much the more.” The need for the broken marriage is for one spouse to pray “so much the more.” The need for the broken family is for one member to pray “so much the more.” The need for the struggling church is for one believer to pray “so much the more.” The need for the powerless preacher and believer is to pray “so much the more.” Are you going to be the one who prays “so much the more?” The key that makes a life-changer a life changer is that they pray “so much the more.” Let me encourage you to be that believer who always prays “so much the more.”

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