So, the Preacher Preached Against You


Jeremiah 26:11 “Then spake the priests and the prophets unto the princes and to all the people, saying, This man is worthy to die; for he hath prophesied against this city, as ye have heard with your ears.”

Jeremiah had prophesied against Judah. His preaching was a warning that if they didn't repent of their sins that God was going to send them into captivity. One would think this type of preaching would cause the people to pause and consider what he said and repent of any sin. However, instead of listening to the prophet who had been right about everything else he prophesied about, they wanted to have him killed because “he hath prophesied against this city.” Really? If he was wrong, he would make a fool of himself and nobody would listen to him in the future. However, if he was right and they killed him, getting rid of Jeremiah would not change the truth of the prophecy that he prophesied against them. These people were so angry because they knew that he was right, but they didn't want to change their sinful lifestyle; they just wanted to change their preacher.

Sadly, the narrative of what happened to Jeremiah happens many times in churches today. A preacher preaches a sermon that convicts someone of their sin, and instead of getting right with God, they choose to leave the church to go to a church where they think they can live in their sin without being “condemned” by the preacher. There are several things you need to consider when you think the preacher has preached against you.

First, remember all the times you enjoyed what he preached. Before you choose to leave, you should remember the plethora of sermons that you agreed with what your preacher preached. There are likely more sermons you agreed with your preacher about than the one or two sermons you feel that he preached against you.

Second, remember all the sermons that have helped you. Why would you leave a good church and a good pastor who is willing to preach the truth when he has helped you so many times through his preaching. Have you forgotten all the truths that have helped you through the hard times of your life? My friend, you can leave for a so-called “better preacher,” but you will leave all the helps you will receive from a preacher who happened to preach against your sinful lifestyle.

Third, is it true? If what you are doing is not wrong, then why does it bother you? Killing the messenger never stops the consequences of what the messenger said would happen. If what the preacher preached is true, you would be wise to deal with what convicted you instead of leaving your church. The fact that you will leave a church over one convicting sermon says more about your hard heart than the facade of Christianity that you put on. If you feel the preacher is preaching against you, the best question you could ever ask yourself is if what he is saying is true? If it is true, change your life, not your church or preacher. Changing the preacher because he preached against your sin doesn't change the truth he preached or the consequences of your sin.

Fourth, determine not to let one sermon cause you to leave. If your preacher preaches like he is supposed to, he will eventually preach something against what you are doing. Instead of running to a different church every time the preacher preaches against you, determine to stay so that you don't miss the blessings of what God is doing in your church.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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