Some of Them

1 Chronicles 9:29
“Some of them also were appointed to oversee the vessels, and all the instruments of the sanctuary, and the fine flour, and the wine, and the oil, and the frankincense, and the spices.”

The organization of the tabernacle is one of the best examples of what it takes for the work of the LORD to flourish. As you read through this chapter, you will discover that there were all types of people who had different duties in the tabernacle that helped to keep God’s people in tune with Him and His desire to bless His people. What you will find when you study this chapter is that everyone had their own specific duty, and nobody had an excuse to sit on the sidelines. It was the fact that some of them were willing to be appointed over certain tasks and to treat their responsibility as important that brought the blessings of God upon the tabernacle.

If God is going to be able to use the church to its fullest capacity, there must be people who are willing to be “some of them” who are not worried about what others do but will take their task and make it important. Every church that God has ever used had the mentality that “some of them” was important to help all of them to accomplish God’s work. You have to understand that when God says, “some of them,” He was talking about each individual doing their part to help make the work of God to run smoothly. Let me give you some thoughts about your part in being “some of them.”

First, some of them will never happen without organization. This means that you must be willing to stay in your area of responsibility without meddling with another’s area of responsibility. One of the biggest hindrances to a church is when God’s people won’t stay in their area which causes disharmony in the work of God. My friend, you cannot do the best in your area of responsibility when you are trying to police another’s area of responsibility. If you want your church to run smoothly, you are going to have to stay within the organization of your church.

Second, some of them will never happen without willing hearts. What made the tabernacle run smoothly was that there were people who were willing to do whatever was needed to be done to help God’s work. The greatest need in every church is laborers. You must be willing to be a laborer in the church if you want your church to become the best that God can make it. Don’t be one of those who won’t do anything because you don’t want to get involved. Be willing to get involved in your church in whatever capacity your pastor needs your involvement.

Third, some of them will never happen without humble servants. The work of God will never run smoothly when God’s people are not willing to do whatever tasks is asked of them. Don’t be one of them who only wants a position of prominence, but be willing to be some of them who are willing to do whatever it takes for God’s work to move forward. When a church is filled with humble saints who are willing to do whatever is asked of them is when the church can better reach its community for Christ.

Fourth, some of them is the key to God’s ability to bless. God can’t bless a church that is filled with people who want to be superstars. God blesses a church that is filled with humble and willing servants who are happy to do whatever it takes for His work to move forward.

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