Somebody Touched Him


Luke 8:46 “And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.”

The crowds had thronged Jesus. These crowds had waited for Him to come because they wanted to hear Him teach and likely were awaiting the opportunity to see Him perform some miracle. However, in this crowd was someone who was different from the rest of the crowd. In this crowd was a lady who had an issue of blood for twelve years. For twelve years this lady could not socialize with people because, under the law, she was unclean. For twelve years she could not hear the teaching of God’s Word as others. For twelve years she was not able to enjoy the fellowship of others in the temple. However, when Jesus came to town there was the opportunity for her life to be changed. Despite the opposition of the crowd and life, she forced her way through the crowd just to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment with a faith that touching that garment would heal her, and it did.

There needs to be in every church, every city, and in every nation someone who, despite the opposition, will do whatever they can to touch Jesus. When I am talking about touching Jesus, I am talking about doing something that will grab His attention to cause Him to do His powerful work. I believe there are four things you can do that will touch Jesus and grab His attention.

First, you can touch Jesus with your fear of God. This lady trembled when she was discovered as the one who touched Jesus. A fear of God always produces a holy life. How there needs to be believers who have a fear of the power of God and what it can do to them if they don’t live right, but also, what it can do through them if they do live right. The same power of God that can punish the believer for living wrong can also do the miraculous through the believer who lives right and is submitted to God.

Second, you can touch Jesus with prayer. Oh, how we need people who don't just have a repetitious prayer to get their prayer time done, but a prayer that touches Jesus to get Him to change life’s situations. There ought to be a determination inside of you that you are going to pray in such a manner that you are going to touch Jesus or die trying to touch Him. There is no effectual prayer without fervent prayer. There needs to be an urgency and a determination in every believer to change the status quo by touching Jesus in prayer.

Third, you can touch Jesus with your faith. It was the faith of this lady that grabbed Jesus’ attention. If what you are doing is not forcing you to pray to God for His help, then what you are doing is not of faith. Anything of faith requires the believer to pray fervently because actions of faith require God to make them come to fruition. You will never touch Jesus in prayer as long as you are okay with the status quo. Do something that requires faith, and you will touch Jesus with your faith.

Fourth, you can touch Jesus with your work efforts for Him. This lady had to work against the opposition of the crowd just to get to Jesus. Because there are so few believers who are willing to work hard for Jesus, you will touch Him with your work efforts if you will outwork the rest. My friend, God rewards working, and if you want God to do something mighty in your ministry, outwork the rest and you will touch Him with your work ethic.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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