Spent All


Luke 15:14 “And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.”

I woke up this morning reading about a young man in his thirties who died an early death to a drug overdose. This young man was a star for a college football program and had set many NCAA records. His career seemed bright, but sin brought a bright career to an early end. Instead of taking the money he made playing football, he spent it foolishly on alcohol and drugs, which eventually led to his tragic death. You could say that this young man had spent all that he had on the world’s lifestyle, but it left him empty and dead.

The story of this young man reminds me of the story of the prodigal son. The prodigal son had the brightest of futures. His dad had set an inheritance aside that should have cared for his financial needs for the rest of his life, and likely even benefit the prodigal’s children. However, the prodigal didn't want to live the life of holiness; instead, he spent everything he had on the world. What this young prodigal found out was that you can’t spend in the world without eventually being in want. What the prodigal never learned was that when you spend yourself in the world, it always leaves you empty and in want. When you spend yourself for God, you will always find yourself blessed beyond your wildest imagination. The prodigal spent his life on sin, and it robbed him of four things.

First, sin robbed the prodigal of his dignity. Here was a young man who everyone would have respected had he continued living the life that his father raised him to live. Yet, sin robbed him of his dignity and led him to living with the swine. Sin always robs you of your dignity. There is no dignity in sin. Sin makes you look foolish and causes you to do things you will later regret. You cannot keep the dignity your parents raised you to have and live in the sin of the world.

Second, sin robbed the prodigal of his innocence. The prodigal’s dad had raised him not to learn how to find the wickedness of the world, but sin exposed him to things that God never wanted him to see and learn about. There is something about the innocence of not knowing sin’s lifestyle that makes life more enjoyable. If you don't want to carry the baggage that sin adds to your life, never allow sin to rob you of your innocence. Don't investigate how and where sin is committed; the innocence of not knowing is what keeps you from sin.

Third, sin robbed the prodigal of his joy. The prodigal didn't know that he was joyful while he lived with his dad, but he found out how joyful he was when he spent all that he had on the world. You will never find joy in the world or in sin’s lifestyle. The only thing you will find in sin’s lifestyle and the world is heartache. If you want to live a life of joy, you had better avoid sin’s lure.

Fourth, sin robbed the prodigal of his future. The prodigal would never know what he could have had had he stayed with his dad. Yes, his father took him back, but he never got back what he had. God will always take you back and use you again after you come back to Him, but you will never have the future you could have had had you stayed serving the LORD. If you don't want your future to be taken from you, never choose to live a life of sin, and you can enjoy the future that God originally had planned for your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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