Spiritually Sluggish


Acts 28:27 “For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.”

Since I hit the middle years of my life, I have learned that my metabolism doesn't work like it used to work when I was younger. Putting weight on seems to be a bit easier than it was in the past. Normally, I start a diet every January to lose a little weight. There are several reasons why I try to lose a few pounds. I try to lose weight so that my clothes fit me comfortably, and I try to lose weight so that I can stay healthy. However, one of the great benefits of losing weight is that my energy level picks up. I have learned that I get a bit sluggish when I add unnecessary weight.

In the verse above, God said that the “heart of the people is waxed gross.” In other words, He is saying that their heart had become fat. Just like I become sluggish when I weigh a bit too much, so the believer becomes spiritually sluggish when they have added too many things to their life to make their heart fat. When you get a fat heart, you don't hear God’s voice like you are supposed to hear. When you get a fat heart, you can't see what God wants you to see by faith. Your understanding of God’s Word is hindered when you get a fat heart. In other words, God is telling the believer to go on a spiritual diet and lose the fat around the heart. Several things cause a fatty heart.

First, possessions cause a fatty heart. Be careful about is getting wrapped up in possessions. One reason we like possessions is because of prestige. We want everyone to look at us as if we are wealthy or successful, and we think that the more possessions we have, the more we look successful. However, you will find that the more possessions you add to your life, the more complicated your life becomes, which results in a sluggish Christianity. There is nothing wrong with possessions, but you likely don't need as many possessions as you have.

Second, worldly affairs cause a fatty heart. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life, but when you wrap your life up in entertainment, it will always cause your spiritual life to become sluggish. Your ability to serve the LORD is hindered when you add too many worldly activities to your life. You can certainly enjoy life, but you must be careful about adding worldly activities that tie you up and keep you from serving the LORD.

Third, sin causes a fatty heart. Nothing will slow you down spiritually like sin. Sin weighs you down and slows you down from being who God expects you to be. You cannot live in sin and be in spiritual shape. One reason you must get rid of sin is because it hinders you from being what God expects you to be and from doing what God expects you to do.

Let me ask you, do you need to go on a spiritual diet? Do you find yourself spiritually sluggish? Do you hear the voice of God as you should, or has your spiritual ears become dull due to the fat around your spiritual heart? Has your faith been hindered because of a fatty heart? Let me encourage you to go on a spiritual diet and remove anything that causes you to become spiritually sluggish. When you lose worldly weights, you will find that your spiritual life will have more energy and excitement.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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