Stay Put

Acts 27:31
“Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers, Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved.”

One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to never move when my decision-maker is broken. Many people make drastic life-errors that move them out of the will of God during times when their decision-maker is broken. The best thing anyone can do when they are going through difficult times is to stay put until the storm passes.

While Paul was being transported to Rome to stand trial, they encountered a wind called Euroclydon that made it hard to control the ship. Not only were they facing this fierce wind, but they were also facing it in the night. One can only imagine the fear that gripped everyone’s heart as they faced these hurricane type winds in the middle of the ocean. During the storm, Paul stood in the midst of the shipmen and said, “Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved.”

Paul was telling them to stay put in the storm. He was telling them that storm will destroy them if they chose to jump ship and try to swim to land. In this story, there are several great lessons that can help every Christian when they are facing storms.

First, stay put and cut the ropes. In the verse next verse, the “soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat.” When you are facing storms, you are going to have to cut the ropes to your desire to quit and just continue. You can try to trust your own strength to make it through the storm, or you can cut the ropes to your strength and trust the guiding hand of God. God has never failed to take a Christian through life’s storms, and He won’t fail you now. You are going to have to cut the ropes to quitting and trust God’s advice to stay put.

Second, stay put and continue. You will find in this story that Paul told the soldiers to stop their worrying and eat some food for the storm. One of the best things you can do when facing the storms of life is to continue doing what you have always done. The one constant you have in life is what you have always done. During the storms, it is not time to quit your ministries in the church. During the storms, it is not time to make life-altering decisions. The best thing to do in the storm is to do what you have always done. In other words, keep going to church for every service on Sunday and Wednesday. Keep reading the Scriptures and praying daily. Keep going soul winning every week. Keep helping others in their storms while you are enduring your own. You will find that staying put and continuing will be the medicine that gets your mind off the storm. You will never hear the voices to quit when you take your attention away from your storm to help others.

Third, stay put and be of good cheer. Paul told the soldiers twice to be of good cheer. My friend, don’t let the storms dictate your spirit. The only way you are going to be of good cheer in the storms is to stay focused on God, the One who is more powerful than the storm. You can bemoan the storm and let it affect your spirit, but that will only lead to defeat; or, you can choose to be of good cheer and show others that the storm is not greater than the power of God. Having a good spirit in the storm shows the world that your God is greater than any storm. Christian, stop worrying about what the storm is going to do. Be of good cheer and go help others because your God is greater than the storm, and He will carry you through if you will just stay put.

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