Staying Right

Psalm 78:6
“That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children:”

It is not good enough just to get right, but it is important to stay right. Many people have decided to get right with the LORD only to turn back on their decision. Staying right is as important as getting right. If you don’t stay right, you will soon find yourself not doing right. In Psalm 78, God gives nine steps that the believer must follow if they are going to stay right. Let me share these nine steps with you.

First, have the right beliefs. In the verse above, God talks about the next generation knowing the testimonies of God. You will never stay right by living off the beliefs of your parents or preacher. Certainly, for some time you might live off them as you learn them, but at some point in your life you are going to have to know what you believe and why you believe it.

Second, have the right declaration. In the verse above, God told Israel to “declare them to their children.” You will find it will be much easier to stay right if you will declare to everyone who you represent. Most people compromise their beliefs because they have never declared who they are. Telling people who you are as a believer plays a big role in keeping you where you are supposed to be.

Third, have the right hope. You must set your hope in God if you are going to stay right. Never place your hope in man’s promises. You can only trust the promises of God’s Word, and that is where you should invest your hopes.

Fourth, have the right motivation. In verse 7, God made it a point to tell Israel not to forget His works. Your motivation should come from wanting God to do through you what He has done for others in the past. Don’t forsake the works of old just to validate your present works of mediocrity. Let the works of the past motivate you to get God to work through you today.

Fifth, make the right decisions. You are one decision away from ruining your life. If you are going to stay right, you must base every decision on whether it is what God’s Word allows you to do. Every decision based on God’s Word will always keep you doing right.

Sixth, have the right desires. The reason some of the people in Moses’ day didn’t do right is because they didn’t set their heart to do right. Where you get your desires from is as important as what your desires are. If you will keep your desires right, you will find it much easier to stay right. It’ll be easier to keep the right desires if you make sure you have the right friends.

Seventh, have the right spirit. Your spirit must be right if you are going to stay right. Be careful to keep a spirit that is in tune with God. The easiest way to keep your spirit right is to let the Holy Spirit control your spirit. You will always have a right spirit when you are controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Eighth, have the right direction. Don’t be like Israel who turned back in the day of battle. Keeping a forward direction in your Christian walk helps you to keep your faith focused.

Ninth, have the right faith. Never question God’s power to do the miraculous. If you will continue to live by faith, you will find it easier to stay right with the LORD.

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