Stop Blowing the Alarm


Numbers 10:5 “When ye blow an alarm, then the camps that lie on the east parts shall go forward.”

Several years ago, when I was in junior high, there was a young man I went to school with who often sounded the alarm as if something bad had happened to him. He was on the basketball team with us, and we had a trip to the mountains. While in the mountains, the coach allowed us to enjoy a time of sledding and tubing. This young man was on a 3-man sled, but he kept his legs on the outside of the sled. The path they took going down the hill had a turn that used a rock with snow banked against it to turn. When they hit that rock, that young man broke his leg. As their sled stopped, this young man was crying for help, but nobody believed him because he always sounded the alarm. Eventually, we realized that he was not joking and was taken to the hospital to care for his injury. Had this young man not sounded the alarm so many times, we would have believed him when he told us that he hurt his leg.

In the verse above, God told Moses to divide up men to sound an alarm. If the trumpet alarm was blown once, it was to tell the people that they were to gather. If the alarm was blown a second time, this was to tell which tribe was to go first. The purpose of blowing the alarm was to go to war to defend their freedoms.

Imagine with me for a moment if these men who blew the alarm sounded the trumpet, but there was no war. If they continued to do this, they would eventually groom people to believe that there is no purpose of the alarm, and if they were ever attacked and the alarm was sounded, the people would not gather to defend themselves to their detriment because they sounded the alarms falsely.

Be very careful about sounding the alarm in your life. Sounding the alarm to make yourself look important will one day show you’re not that important. Words mean something, and when you continually say things that are not true, you groom people not to believe you. Many people have gotten others to stop believing the seriousness of their situation because they blew the alarm too many times. Let me share a few areas when you must be careful about sounding the alarm.

First, be careful about sounding the alarm on your health. Every health situation is not an emergency. Many sound the alarm about their health, but others eventually grow weary when they see that your health is not as bad as you said. I am not diminishing that some are very sickly, but you cannot sound an alarm and expect people to believe you every time.

Second, be careful about sounding the alarm about finances. You cannot continually ask people for money and expect them to believe you are in financial straights. Now, my experience has shown me that those who tend to be financially in a tight position often don't tell others. However, you cannot make it sound as if you are in a dire financial situation all the time and expect others to help you.

Third, be careful about sounding the alarm about life situations. Your situation may be serious, but it may not be worth sounding the alarm to get people to help you. There is going to come a time when you are going to need someone’s help, and if you learn not to sound the alarm regularly, you will be able to get people to help you when you do sound the alarm.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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