Stop Flinching

Deuteronomy 7:18
“Thou shalt not be afraid of them: but shalt well remember what the LORD thy God did unto Pharaoh, and unto all Egypt;”

Have you ever seen someone who flinches at someone’s movement? Flinching is a typical response to fear. When an animal is afraid of being hit, it will flinch. When a wife or child is afraid of being hit by the husband or dad, you will often see them flinch. It is not uncommon that when you are in an unfamiliar setting that a quick movement of something causes you to flinch. Flinching is part of the self-preservation factor of the human to protect itself from harm.

In the verse above, God told Israel that they were not to be “afraid of them.” God knew His people well that they would see the great armies and the massive walls of the enemy and flinch. The answer for God’s people not to flinch was to “remember what the LORD thy God did unto Pharaoh, and unto all Egypt;” God was reminding Israel that they had no reason to fear because God was greater than anything the world had to offer.

My concern with the modern day believer is their fear of what the world will do to them. I have watched many believers flinch at the enemy’s threat of an attack, which caused the believer to change what they were doing. I have seen the believer flinch when the enemy tells them that they are going to fail, only to compromise what they believe. My friend, there is no reason for the believer to flinch. The only reason the believer flinches at the threat of the world is because they are walking by sight instead of by faith. Several things you can do to keep from flinching at the enemy’s threat.

First, remember whose team you are on. You are not on an inferior team going up against a supreme team; rather, you are on the winning team. In fact, the only thing the world can do is talk because they have no way to win. If you would stop and realize that you are on the winning side, you would realize that you have no reason to flinch when the world makes their boisterous claims that they will destroy you. David remembered whose team he was on when Goliath boasted of destroying him, but he never flinched because he remembered whose team he was on.

Second, remember God’s faithfulness to deliver you in the past. God told Israel to remember what He did in Egypt because He knew that this reminder would give them the courage to fight instead of fear. If you would stop and remember how God helped you in the past when it seemed that you faced an insurmountable enemy, you would never fear because God has always been faithful to deliver His people. God’s faithfulness has never failed. When you remember God’s great works in your past, you will receive the encouragement to go forward.

Third, march on in faith instead of flinching and fleeing in fear when the world threatens to destroy you. Stop being afraid of what the world will do to you. Yes, they make their great claims that they will destroy you, but they can’t destroy you if you are walking in faith and obedience to God. The threats of the world and those whom the world uses are empty; their only purpose is to get the believer to retreat.

Have you flinched at the world’s claim to hurt or to destroy you? Don’t run when you see their armies or hear their claims. Remember that God is faithful to deliver you and help you to see the victory that comes through the march of faith.

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