Strength in the Clouds


Psalm 68:34 “Ascribe ye strength unto God: his excellency is over Israel, and his strength is in the clouds.”

Clouds have always amazed me. When I was a young child, I would lay on the ground and look up to the skies to see the clouds. They always seemed to be so innocent, peaceful, and calm. It wasn’t until I became a private pilot that I learned that the clouds could be boisterous. When you look at the cumulonimbus clouds, they look dark and scary and often carry the worst of the storms.

The verse above says that God’s “strength is in the clouds.” In other words, you will never see God’s strength without having clouds in your life. Throughout the Scriptures, you often see God in the clouds. It is in those clouds where God’s strength is often found for the believer. Let me share with you several types of clouds you must have if you are going to find God’s strength in your life.

First, there is the cloud of following God. Exodus 13:21 says, “And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way;…” Israel knew what steps to take in their journey to the Promised Land as long as they followed the cloud. You will never know God’s strength without following Him, even when He takes you through storms. You cannot know God’s providence if you don't have stormy days. It is while you follow Him in the clouds that you will discover that He knows the way for you to take in life.

Second, there is the cloud of trials. The disciples never saw Jesus walk on water without storm clouds over their boat. It is often in the trials of life where you learn the most about God’s strength. The clouds of life may be dark, but you will always see God’s strength for life in those cloudy trials.

Third, there is the cloud of prayer. You will recall that Elijah prayed for the rain to come, and finally a small cloud the size of a hand appeared, which let him know that God was sending rain. It was the cloud that overshadowed the mountain where Moses prayed and where the people of God saw God’s strength. You will never find God’s strength for your day without spending time with Him in prayer. If you bypass the cloud of prayer, you will miss the strength you need for your day.

Fourth, there is the cloud of God’s promises. Genesis 9:16 says, “And the bow shall be in the cloud;…” This of course is talking about the rainbow of God’s promise to Noah. The promises of God are where believers can find the strength to continue. When you don't think you can take another day is when you run to the promises of God to find the strength to make it. If it were not for the promises of God, you could not find the strength to make it through tough times.

Fifth, there is the cloud of His coming. I so look forward to this cloud when Jesus comes in the clouds to rapture the saints to Heaven. Paul said in Titus 2:13, “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” No doubt, Paul was weary with life, and though he was no quitter, the hope of Christ’s coming gave him hope that all the struggles of life will end.

My friend, do you see yourself living in the clouds? Have the clouds dropped upon your life unexpectedly? If you look hard enough, you will find that God’s presence is in those clouds and that you will see His strength in them like you have never before seen in your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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