Strong Faith

Romans 4:19
“And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara’s womb:”

When you think of faith, you can’t help but bring Abraham into the conversation. Abraham is known as a man of faith. According to the verse above, his faith was strong. When you consider how long Abraham waited just to have the son God promised him, it is amazing that he never lost faith in God. The reason he never wavered was because he had a strong faith.

No Christian will do anything great for the LORD without a strong faith. It takes a strong faith to successfully live for the LORD. A weak faith often staggers when the task God wants done seems impossible. In the verse above, God shows us six characteristics of a strong faith.

First, a strong faith isn’t concerned with personal comfort or safety. God says about Abraham, “…he considered not his own body…” You will find that those with a strong faith often do things that don’t seem to be safe, but it never bothers them. For instance, people with a strong faith go soul winning in places that most people consider a bad neighborhood, but it never bothers them because they have faith that God will protect them. A strong faith is not afraid to be placed in uncomfortable situations. If you must have personal comfort and safety, you will never have a faith that God can bless.

Second, a strong faith doesn’t let age become a barrier. Abraham was a hundred years old, but he never wavered on God’s promise. Whether young or old, a strong faith obeys God’s command to step out. A strong faith never says that it is too young or too old to do what God says to do. Never let your age be a barrier to obey God command of faith.

Third, a strong faith doesn’t question God’s will. Verse 20 says, “He staggered not at the promise of God…” Abraham didn’t ask God, “Why?”, he just followed through because God told him to do it. If you always have to know why God wants you to do something before you do it, you will never have a strong faith. A strong faith doesn’t have to have an answer to step out because it already has The Answer; Jesus Christ.

Fourth, a strong faith never wavers. Abraham always believed God was going to come through. You may not know how God is going to come through, but a strong faith motivates you to keep going. If your faith is placed in God’s promises, you will never waver whether or not your faith is ever seen. Faith is the motivator for the Christian to continue.

Fifth, a strong faith is quick to give glory to God. Verse 20 continues by saying, “…but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;” A strong faith doesn’t seek self-gratification or self-glory; rather, it always gives glory to God for each victory. You show me to whom a Christian gives glory for each victory and I will show you the strength of their faith. Christians with a strong faith never desire glory because they know God is the One who gave the victory.

Sixth, a strong faith puts no limits on God. Verse 21 says about Abraham’s faith, “And being fully persuaded…he was able also to perform.” Your faith is as strong as the limit you place on what you will do for God. Your faith is strengthened when you remove the limits as to what God can do. A strong faith has no limits because it looks through the eyes of God.

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